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I am useless.
I am starting over..and here we go.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


My son Amazes me.

Owen competed in Sarnia Lambton's city wide track and field event recently and absolutely crushed everyone.

I talk like this...he doesn't..

Despite all of his 'celebrity' with this he is still humble...humble to the point of it bugging me a bit.
He has worked hard all year with his track and field activities and his hard work has paid off.

In my mind it doesn't hurt to enjoy your moment of glory but Owen almost seems self conscious about the whole

He competed in four events.

 They can only compete in four.

1500 metre, 800 metre, Long Jump and Relay.

The only event that was close was the 1500.
One of Owens St Michaels team mates ran the race of his life and decided to challenge Owen a bit.

This was good for Owen.

Owen works with a personal coach/trainer and the times he has been putting up in training for the 1500 were much better than the time he put up on race day ...but he got it done.

He was going for the ribbon rather than the Personal Best and his strategy was to "get out front and stay there...keep everybody behind me"

At the first turn on the 1500 one of the competitors tripped on Owens foot and fell. 3 laps later I met Owen at the finish line where I found him in tears with his first place ribbon in hand.

I thought he'd pulled a hamstring or something but he pulled me close and said "I feel so bad about that boy falling ...I didn't mean to do it"

I am getting choked up just writing this now.

 Everybody watching had completely forgotten about it but Owen had it on his mind the entire time.

He dominated in the 800 then as soon as it was done had to sprint over to the Long Jump pit where everybody was waiting for him.

I asked the organizer if he could have at least 30 seconds to catch his breath but Owen stopped me and said "its Ok dad this is just a warmup jump anyway..."
He jumped 441..a personal best...ho hum...14 and a half feet...nobody was close.

On his warmup jump I heard one of the parents murmer "Oh my God" MY BOY!!!!!

Most the senior kids aren't jumping that and this morning he jumped a 465.

I have never been that good at anything.

I am going to keep working with him. He loves it and isn't showing any sign of slowing down.

So proud and so happy for him.

As for me...

I just finished a 70 hr work week...most of which was at 'straight time'...ugh

Next two weeks I work Monday to Friday training on something that will probably just suck balls.

Oh well...the family is why I do this stupid shit...and everything is beyond great on that front.

I am still loving my amp and overall guitar much so that I have been reaching out slowly to some musicians I know to get together and do some playing...
So far I haven't been able to make it is so busy for everyone...but I am going to keep trying.
Feels silly starting up a band
... I am not going to let that stop me.


...when have I ever??