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I am useless.
I am starting over..and here we go.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gotta Go

And when you gotta go you gotta go..

The river has been GIANT!!

Normally in October we are bitching and moaning about how little water there is.

Not the case this year. The rains came early and kept coming.

Just when you think the river is dropping another cloudburst rolls in off the lake and up she goes again.

Its a blessing really...but it can be very frustrating.

I had a dynamite first trip and I have been dying to get another shot at the water I love so much.

With more rain in the forecast you pretty much have to get in while you can. Some seasons are like that and the windows of opportunity can be very narrow. If you wait for the ideal months can slip by.

I don't like to fish water that is too high. It makes crossing the river a real pain in the ass and actually dangerous at times.

...especially when you don't have the discipline to curb your enthusiasms...

When the bite is on who does???

Oh well...the river has a really good  top on it right now.


Hopefully the rain that has been forecast will skip us and I'll get a chance to hit the river this weekend.

Now , with a sincere apologies to my Muslim friends..time for some some smoked porc chops!!
Got the BBQ preheating and the beer a chillin!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Life Lessons Blow ...sometimes

I am slow...

I just got back from a run and I feel good because of it. I am in 'not bad' shape for an old fucker.

They have been 44 rough and tumble years and I have my aches and pains starting. With the start of every fall season  I inevitably begin to wonder just how many more years I have before I have to start toning 'er down a bit..

I am not out of this yet..and if I can keep the beer gut down by a wee bit of mild road work. well, that is a good thing.

Yesterday I got to watch my son compete in his annual cross country event.

It filled us all with pride and joy but it was also heartbreaking.

There is one boy in the city who unfortunately is just a wee bit faster than Owen.

He had Owens number last year and this year the situation was exactly the same.

It is a 3 km race through hills, fields and wooded pathways and on top of that yesterday was wet and miserable.
All the participants showed guts.

My middle daughter Ella competed in her age group and improved considerably from last year with a placement of 35 out of 96.

I am amazed that she can bring the energy she does to a sport where she is constantly in her big brothers shadow.
She does however, and not only that she is Owens biggest fan and really takes pride in his achievements.

Owen trained hard all year and was hoping for a win. He had decided to start his kick way earlier based on the way the route was laid out this year.
I think it was the right decision and when he came into the last 400 metres he was out in front...Oh my heart was in my throat...

However...the boy from last year was at his heels and out kicked Owen in the broke Owens spirit and he actually fell off and let yet another boy pass him.

3rd place out of about 100 participants.

Poor kid was in tears...

He just kept saying ...I had him...I had him..

All the family was there with all the usual soundbite hallmark bullshit..

"not whether you win or lose"..."always next year"...bla bla bla

And to my boys credit he didn't want to hear any of that shit either. He got beat pure and simple...and that hurts..
It must hurt so bad to be so prepare for something with a goal in mind then to see it slip away ...and only by a matter of metres..

It was amazing to watch really...these young athletes pushing themselves to their limits...a cool little rivalry has developed between them and they will be attending the same high school in a few years...

Both Owen and Jonathan could barely breath when they crossed the finish line and I know Owen left it all out there this time...and for that I am so incredibly proud of him.

Inspiring really.

It really is a gift to be able for him to compete at such a high level and for that I am happy for him



Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One of Those Days

I yap a lot about 'The Curse'..

And truly I now have my wife and children believing in it.

It is real...undeniable..and I am sure there will be entries in the future documenting other manifestations.

However...the sun shines on a dogs ass some days ..and today was one of those days.

I had missed the first push of fish this fall.

I was scheduled for my three year firearms recert and had to get that out of the way before I could have any fun.

I made a few moves at work in order to change my original scheduled date for re certification from Nov to early Oct.

Usually early October has us praying for rain while Nov is prime.

This year saw some heavy rain early on and the river was in great shape last week while I was playing cops and robbers in Ottawa.
(Re- above 'Curse' )

Morin got out and I was happy for him.

With Thanksgiving taking up most of the weekend I knew that the only day for me would be Tuesday.

Thanksgiving weekend was a really nice one full of food and family.

I don't travel well, and I missed my family something fierce while I was in Ottawa. I resent being away from them for anything.

It was a warm and fuzzy weekend but I have to admit that in the back of my mind I could picture a prime river full of fish falling out of what we consider optimum conditions.

I had made up my mind that I was going to fish Tuesday regardless, even if it meant only a beautiful walk through the woods alongside a river that had little to offer fishwise.

This fall has been a long time coming. The summer was busy and Sept was a write off as well with Union and Work obligations so today is the beginning of some 'ME time'.

What a great start!

The water was skinny but not unfishable and there was no sign of anyone else!!

Perfect day...full of fish..fresh air..and fall colours.

Every now and then it all comes together..and I needed it to.

I'll give thanks for that.
Thanks too for a world class river so close to home. Special thanks for a little roe tying helper!!...and thanks for a good friend..even though he had to work today ...and is a world class