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I am useless.
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Friday, May 9, 2014

Thespian Shit Kicking and Fish

Extended Vacation for me.

I am off for a stretch of 17 days....with lots going on.

The kids are starring as Van Trapp offspring in a performance of The Sound Of Music.

This is taking place at the Imperial Theatre here in Sarnia. I am so incredibly proud of them! They are kicking butt in spite of Ella's  poorly timed head cold. The show must go on!

The performance week also coincides with the Bluewater Anglers Salmon Derby...and we've been fishing hard...largely to no avail ..

We've caught lots of fish...but no size

Great for the table but ...SHIT!!!....we want to get a decent one and we just can't seem to get er done.

The weather kept us off the water today and it was fine with me. I was at the show last night and didn't get to bed til 1 ish.
...the boat leaves a 04:00..
That would've stung..

I am pretty tired already. the Derby is a ten day marathon of fishiness and I am sucking wind...but still keen.

Two more days..Here fishy Fishy!!!...COME ON FISH!!!!

I have been playing guitar as well , in spite of hands that are hamburgered from the downriggers and in spite of the usual parental distractions.

I have yet to but a new guitar..because...I really don't want one...hmmmm