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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Once More Unto The Breach

This summer has a been a unmitigated war against poverty!!

LOL... A bit of an exaggeration but I have been working just about non stop since the salmon Derby.

In one of our many bitchfest discussions about life Morin once stated that the OverTime gravy train is just about the only way to get ahead and over the past few months I have adopted that piece of wisdom as a guiding principal.

It's working.

But I am tired.

Since May 28th I have worked 25 Overtime shifts.

My goal is 40...but I am not sure if  I will get there. The gravy train has dried up a bit since the recent hire and although it is undermining my financial goals it could prove to be a blessing for this old soul.

Being at work that much is not good ...not good at all and I sometimes wonder whether the damage done is irreparable.

On the good side I have created quite bit of breathing room moneywise.

I paid down some debt and even managed to buy myself a new guitar!!!

I went with an actual Gibson 335 and I just love it.

I played a ton of them before I picked this one driving as far as Pickering just to balk at the last moment.

This little number I snagged from a 'player' in London. He had made quite a few modifications and upgrades to the guitar and it reminds me so much of an actual '63 es 335 I played in my teens that it is spooky.

These guitars can do anything and do it well!!....and this one in particular has that certain special something that just makes me want to be creative!!

I am dropping my whole rig off to Jeff tonight for a complete overhaul and setup and when I get it all back I am going to really dig into this thing.

It is good to reward yourself for hardwork and I am a happy camper!!!!