Step two...

The next phase of online self indulgence.
I made the mistake of monkeying around with my original BLOG located here and ruining it.
I am useless.
I am starting over..and here we go.

Monday, April 30, 2012

4 Days In...

 Well ,

 Gerry and I have been fishing the Salmon Derby we usually do.

We are not great fisherman..

However...we do have our moments and we always have a good time. Gerry looks forward to the Derby all year and puts a significant amount of effort into organizing the event itself.

He usually starts talking about it fives minutes after Boxing

Well its here...and we are doing our best..but we are getting our asses kicked.

The weather has been shit and the lake for the first day was unfishable. We decided to keep the boat towards Sarnia and that turned out to be not so good.

The fishing at this end of the Lake was spotty at best and it took heroic measures just to get Owen into some action.
He is a super patient kid and enjoyed being out on the water with us but as it turned out the big fish have appeared to the North of us on the Canadian side towards Kettle Point.

Yesterday afternoon we hauled the boat up to 'KP' and moored it for the morning...being today...

I was keen...and still am really despite the fact the weather turned onus once again and we only managed to go 2 for 4 with a couple of 4 pounders

...and a wicked case of frostbite and sea-legs...

Well tomorrow is another day...there were some big fish taken today although not as many as yesterday or the previous..but most the action came on Dipseys...

My Brother in Law hates running dipseys...but I don't care if he is on the boat tomorrow ..they are going down...
The may be the only fucking things I run...fuck him...

The biggest fish so far is a hair under 23lbs and quite a few fish in the mid to high teens being caught.

So far only the in-line boards have been working for us and the AC Shiners are the hot lure again this year.

The sleep deprivation is full blown and my hands are hamburger.....I can barely play campfire chords on the guitar currently and by the time the week is done I think that even Kumbaya will be out of the question...

Very tired and the warm fuzzy is starting hit me so I will wrap this report up.

In 20 mins I pick up the kids from school ...from there we will have to go to Petsmart to pick up a new pump/filter for my aquarium.
The old one died last night.... I think that is ironic.....I am exhausted from fishing but can't rest because I have to hurry out and buy a new pump before my fish die????

...Maybe I should cut out the middle man and fry my Pictus Catfish up in some rocky Madsen fish crisp...

Spring Salmon on the BBQ is the shit though........


Monday, April 23, 2012


Here is picture I ran across recently that I thought I would be worthy of a impulse post....

The title of the Photo is 'shitrat'....


 Turnabout is something or other...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Whats going on...

Not too much really..

I have been working quite a bit and so has Kim which should help out on the money front.

 Worrying about money is a real fucking drag and I hate living like this.
 We are very fortunate but like most people of our generation we have chosen to push the envelope towards the extreme end of what we can afford in terms of lifestyle.

We live in a neighborhood where most family's have a combined income that overshadows our considerably so it has been a struggle.
 I never would've chosen this way of life for myself if it hadn't been for these anchors that I love so I recently stopped by a friend of mines.

 This guy is a guitar and amplifier guru and I needed him to make a repair to my amplifier which had gone on the fritz.

He lives in a part of town that is a little left of affluent.

 I went to the side door and walked up a long flight of stairs to a quaint little loft apartment. Very Spartan. Couch, TV ,maybe a table, lamp, and about 30 guitars and amps...nice.
My basement is about 4 times the size of the place. I looked around but for the life of me couldn't find a soul crushing mortgage payment anywhere.


 Now we live in a great neighborhood. The kids have great friends that are a positive influence.
The school they go to is top notch...bla bla bla...Hard to put a price on that sort of thing or the lasting effect it will have.

If someone put a gun to my head and forced the truth from me I don't believe I would've...or more to the point..could've done anything different....but... ... I looked around that apartment....sigh

 The days off that I have had have been spent with little Avery.

The Animal Farm down at Canatara Park is always a great place in the springtime.
 Most of the resident animals have given birth and the cute factor is sky high. I am not immune to this.
My friends can let fly with all the "You're a homo" comments they want...Vagina is still tops on my list.

Ave really likes the cows and every year they get a new pair. The made their first appearance this past week.

 Picnic , fishing..and a trip to the US to ride the carousel.


Good times...Actually everything has been wonderful lately

 ...I even had a nice little drug seizure at work the other day to blow the dust off my enforcement chops.

 I had hit a dry spell but seem to have found my feet again.

I still enjoy the job at times and still find satisfaction there after sifting through all the ever present horseshit.

The family finally made it down to visit Garnet & Jess.
 These are good people... a rare commodity these days that should never be taken for granted.

 We always part with the promise that we will not let so much time pass before our next get together...


 but this is life least at this stage...
  Trying never hurts.

 The Salmon Derby starts on Friday.
We have had a North blow here for the past 2 days and the Lake is a mess.
 It is also colder than a Witches tit...I am hoping for a change there.

Not as tough as I used to be.

It will be nice to get some spring salmon for the table...always a treat..

 Off for 14 days starting Friday...I am going to forget about work entirely.

 Fish ON!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


..says Gary Busey from Predator ii.

 Awesome flick..

 He might've been talking about Jonathan Kreisberg.

 Every so often a person comes along in life that just raises the bar.

 Kreisberg apparently still plays a weekly gig at a small club in NYC on like Wednesday nights...I need to make a pilgrimage and see this cat in person or I should cut my nuts off and be done with it.

The spot at 02:27-02:36...Alien..I says...

I just ordered this album as opposed to just listening to it on Youtube for free..


"Relaxin at Camarillo" is a C -Blues written by the late great Charlie Parker in around 1953ish....

Interesting to note that Camarillo was a mental institution that Parker had just been released

There seems to be a recurring theme in my life but I try not to draw too much attention to it as I need my job...and hey I passed my psyche test!!

This guy is just about all I have been listening to lately.

 If it weren't for Youtube I never would've discovered him. I can't decide whether I am tragically depressed or amused over the fact that this sick performance of his has only generated 26,000 hits...

 ..Whereas 'the retarded horse clip' has reached 50,000,000..


Maybe it is time for the fucking world to end...really and truly


 It would be nice to see someone like 'The Edge' from U2 approach a guy like Jonathan and lay one of his many Million dollar bills on him and say 'Here dude...just keep working and don't worry about the rent...or 'The Retarded Horse'....
 But hey ...we wouldn't want to undermine capitalism or the ability to make money off peoples ignorance.

 My neck hurts and my amp is broken.....but there is beer in the fridge... sigh..


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Welcome Home for Eastman T185

Yesterday my new guitar arrived.
I received notice from the parcel pickup place across the creek that it was in and I whipped over with Ella to pick it up...I just couldn't wait.

I was actually a little nervous about it.

Looking at guitars on the internet can be a dangerous thing.

Inevitably the wants kick in...

This is particularly bad for guitar gear and gear heads...It is a common thing that even has it's own modern term for those afflicted.


"gear acquisition syndrome"

LOL.. I am not immune but I have been around long enough to know that the great expectations you develop are seldom realized.

I pulled the guitar out of the box in the parcel pickup parking lot just to make sure everything was Kosher before I crossed the Border. It was packaged very well and when I opened the case I just about fell over.

This was the first time I have seen one of these guitars in person and the pics on the net don't do them justice at all is a really beautiful guitar.

The strings were loose..which is a good way to ship a guitar so I couldn't even strum it..but I had seen enough.

It was a busy day so it wasn't until the following day that I really had a chance to change the strings and give it a solid test drive.

Sometimes things in life just work out....

The guitar is perfect and I am thrilled. This was a good and right choice and it has exceeded my expectations!!

Yeah for me!!

All I need now is some down time to play it a bit...but that is coming.

The guitar sound is really pleasant.
 It has this cool 'woody knock' that can only come from a hollowbody but was lacking with my other guitar. It leans a little more towards my archtop soundwise but plays way better and I can push it a bit harder for bluesy things and ...dare I say it..rock stuff..

Very versatile guitar with plenty of just vibrates...and even though I am no cheapskate...the fact that  a Gibson guitar of the same type might cost $2000.oo more kind of appeals to me too...

This choice is a departure from the normal road but I am a little left of centre only makes sense that my guitar should be as well.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

What the hell...

Well... I did it.

I took a bit of my tax return money and treated myself.


..reads sold because I just bought it.

It ships out on Monday and I should have it in hand by my B-day.

I may have ruffled a few domestic feathers but that will just have to be I am afraid.

I need this and with the deal I got if I don't like it and I can probably flip the thing and make some money. is something to look forward too and even if it is only a dangling carrot to keep me sane so be it.

 I am pretty excited!!