Step two...

The next phase of online self indulgence.
I made the mistake of monkeying around with my original BLOG located here and ruining it.
I am useless.
I am starting over..and here we go.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Gerry , father in law loves to shoot shit.
This makes me very happy because I love eating the shit he shoots.

So far he hasn't been able to stump me...but to be fair I have only been challenged by Grouse, Deer (favourite!!!!!!) and the scourge of Canada ..the Canada Goose..or otherwise known as Great Canadian Shithawk.
My Mother in Law has a wicked Sweet and Sour Goose recipe that is absolutely to die for.

I will never forget the first game feast at the Fawdrys.

I was on my best behavior..mostly because I wanted to bang their daughter.

"Sure I will try the Goose...(You fucking"...only to find out that it really is the shit!!

I dove into those birds like ninety...til I broke a tooth on some buckshot....Doh!

Note to self.....


So I don't have to be talked into it at all any more.

In fact I have become a hovering weasel. Gerry seldom eats all of the game that he squirrels away as a result of the fall deer hunt.

Inevitably he ends up handing out roasts,chops,ground venison and all kinds of other goodies.

Huge bonus for me.

Tonight I ripped through a beauty of a Venison Burger grilled outside on the deck in only a sweatshirt.

This weather is unreal.


I have yet to break down and buy a long gun. The only thing stopping me is the fact that the Deer hunt coincides with the fall migration of Steelhead...and as savoury as Bambi is.... I am a fisherman first...
 Besides ... I get it for free anyway.

On top of the Venison I have been finishing off a Moose roast that Gerry cooked up for his B-day party a few days ago.
 That was a first ...but man was it good..even better the following day on a bagel with cream cheese...Sweetness and Light...

I have noticed however that I can hear my neighbours heartbeat from across the back hair has tripled in density... and I have an overwhelming urge to run naked outside and howl at the moon.....

Good thing I have the beer to take the edge off.

Back to work tomorrow for three....

Monday, January 30, 2012


Well Ave and I had the afternoon to ourselves and I was going a bit stir crazy so we headed out.
She is a tough little kid and loves being outside.
 Yesterday we spent the majority of the day outside playing in the rare bit of substantial  snow that we have seen.

 I even had a chance to try out my new snowblower....which is soooo awesome!

The older I get the less my back is diggin the shovellin act so this is definitely a step in the right direction. A 45 minute job that would have me reaching for the advil now takes 5 minutes tops...
Awesome Christmas gift.

We thought about ice fishing but my auger was locked up at Brians place and I wasn't really prepared.

Too bad because Ave was kind of jacked about it and this could've been our only shot of the year.

The forecast has the temps up to +8 tomorrow which is going to be really messy ...just a crazy winter.

Tubin on the hill was another option and we had a ton of fun together. .
I think I bought that goofy thing for about $30 at Walmart and we have gotten a lot of great use out of over the past two or three years.
Good way to spend the afternoon.

Morin and I are trying to hammer out a fishing trip but the schedules just don't seem to be matching up. I am completely out of leave this time of year and it makes it pretty tough.
I may have to break down and book a trip solo...or I could just hold off til spring.

What I should be doing is taking a bunch of overtime and socking away some dough but I just don;t have it in me even remotely.

Funny ...even though this winter has been pretty easy I still have found myself in that late January early February BLAH state where I really don't want to do fuck all.

The fresh air was nice down by the water today though and Ave is always a hoot to be around.

Next weekend I am off for my annual firearms re-cert.
 I have been shooting it really well of late so it should be stress free. The hardest part for me is just spending time around the gun nerds.
Some of the instructors are outstanding but inevitably you run across the John Waynes and that shit makes me really tired.

The shooting itself is ...or should be fun.
Kind of like throwing darts only way louder..and smellier.
Our workplace always finds a way of ruining everything with over the top tightassedness ...
Oh well,..
Two days away in a hotel with meals covered...that will be easy to take.
I should even be able to watch the Superbowl uninterrupted...imagine that.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Good for a Laugh...

It always takes me forever to catch on to shit.

I remember starting to dig Seinfeld for the first time watching reruns. I must live in a cave.

I am not embarrassed by this. I kind of pride myself on it really.

I didn't have Katy Perry on my radar until she started pimping zit cream on the tube... (See... even that is funny...they don't use 'Tubes' anymore)...
 I suppose that's a great way to gauge your success in today's society BTW.
You know you've 'made it' when the powers that be are using your image to sell vanity or play to some type of insecurity or character flaw.

Zit cream
Weight loss

Sometimes I think I should've been taking a pill to keep my dick soft ...might have saved me an ass load of money and I sure as hell would've chosen a different occupation...if any at all.


Yesterday at work a buddy of mine started telling me about a website created by a guy who takes Urban kids in to the woods on hikes and camping trips or something like that.
He gets a kick out of their reactions and writes down the things that they say and ...of course...posts them on the internet.. is huge now... and I have just discovered it...but man we were laughing our asses off yesterday to a few of the "tweets" or whatever the fuck they call that ..

The Site is called GHETTO HIKES...and I fully endorse its silliness

This one is my current favourite...

@GhettoHikes: "Mr. Cody, if you could be a forest animal, what'd you be?
I be a snake, walkin' around all like ssss ssss... scarin' bitches."

There are a bunch of outdoors enthusiasts where I work and yesterday we were entertained by some of the comments from these kids..

The cynic in me thinks that ..there is no Mr Cody..and that this is all fiction ...based on tasteless stereotype...but even so ...its funny...maybe even funnier because of would appeal to my love of all things perverse and hopeless..

BTW...for the record...Katy Perry has a great rack...that is apparently  pyrotechnic in nature   ..

Very sweet

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Guitar Neurosis

I love semi-hollow body guitars and I would like to own all of them.
Like I mean every single one in the entire world including different types of the same model.

 My current guitar is a very cool instrument and I still enjoy playing it but... It is time for another.
 The problem is...well, there are two problems really... I have very little mad money right now and even if I was ready to make a purchase I would have a hard time deciding.
 There are some really cool guitars out there right now. I am kind of bored today ..and financially frustrated here is my dream list.

  Harrison Guitars 
 Doug Harrison is a builder out of Toronto ON...a home boy..which really does make a difference to me.
 I am not exactly a patriot but I do feel some Canadian pride once in a while.
 I hate hockey and the fact that a country like Egypt can oust a dictator but we can't even control our elected officials shames me.
 I do drink a lot of beer and companies like Sleemans and Creemore are top shelf indeed.
I reek of back bacon most days and am a great fan of Beaver ..which is our national symbol.
 I do my part on a daily basis to represent my own way.
 Bottom line is Doug seems like a cool guy ...his guitars are dead sexy and right up my alley.
 It would be great to own a great Canadian built guitar. This latest guitar that he has built makes me crazy. The amber tint on the 'blistered' Maple top is just sumptuous.
... a masterpiece. 

 It is for the tune of about 5 grand before the blood sucking government takes theirs ...I've got right around 2 grand I could throw at this thing without signing a matrimonial death warrant.
 Max Millions this week on the Super 7
 Beautiful guitar though.
Matt Artinger 
is another builder who lives in PA I believe.
 He has become a household name when it comes to "Boutique Guitars" and rightfully so.
 One of the coolest things about him is that he doesn't want to build the same thing over and over.
 Each of his offerings to the guitar world are unique and the result of collaboration between his creative mind and the players needs.
 I like the sound of that. Here are some of his guitars that haunt me.

Kurt Rosenwinkel is one of the heaviest dudes on the planet...and like a pure victim I want the guitars that he plays.
 Kind of like ...I could dunk if only I had a pair of air jordans...
 Well maybe not quite that stupid..
 Here he is playing a Roger Sadowsky Semi Hollow guitar...I dig the sound..a lot.
 These Guitars are not quite as "Custom" but they are not as expensive either....Like, they will still set me back about 4 grand but that is still a grand in the pocket and probably a better resale value if I ever get the fidgets again....which ,...really ...whos kidding who...
 This will probably be the way I roll
Kurt also plays a Dangelico New Yorker.
These guitars are still made but only off shore now...Korea to specific....
The reviews are very good and I could pick one of these up right now and probably only have to sleep on the couch with the kleenex box for a couple of weeks.

 Thorton guitars
  are gorgeous too ...particularly this one ...but for some reason they don't look all that comfortable.
 The deep cutaway at the bottom of the neck seems like a good idea although I would need to take a trip to Maine to try it out.
The classic Gibson 335
  is an option and probably the safest bet. I used to own one and regret selling it.
I doubt that it is as good as the guitar that I own now but it would be a highly functioning different flavour that would hold its value relatively well.
Cool guitars that you can play any style of music on...just a classic design.
Lots of the above for sale on ebay...and it would be cool to order a guitar off ebay just so I could say I did. \
Collings Guitars
 out of Austin TX make their own version of the 335 called the 'I35 Deluxe'.
These guitars are works of art but are about 3 to 3.5 x the price of the Gibsons...that is a bit offside...unless you have crazy money....some people do. I don't.

 The guitar I currently have is here with me playing it...

It has its flaws and some days I want to throw it through the wall...but I am flawed as well.
 After all this typing I think it is time to crack a beer and plug that thing in.
Guitars are cool...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

White trash Pizza Review..and the Emergency Room

I don't believe for a minute that you are human unless you've worked out some top ten lists.
 Top ten Movies for example...Top ten fishing trips, Chicks you'd like to bang ..whatever...

 This is what people do.
 I am wondering if I am white trash because DELISSIO Pizza has founds its way..
'At Least' into my top five favourite pizzas...of all time... I am going to go out on a limb and say ..absolutely probably

Ironically...if that is a word...The one pizza that did it was the thin crust fire roasted pepper and pepperoni...
 That is sweetness and light,...
..just heaven...and now that I am addicted to it...I can't find that Mfer anywhere.

I used to wait until they went on sale Canadian Tire fire sale style to the tune of about 60% off.
 I would swallow my pride and get thee to the No Frills and fill up a shopping cart full of em.

 There is no better comfort food, I says ,to be mentally projecting too at about the 10 th hour of a hellish soul crushing 12 hr shift at the hell hole I call work
 ...some days its all that I can cling to in order to get me through the shit... That and an ice cold beer...
 Tonight it was Dos Equis...with a lemon wedge...stay thirst my friends...Alas , no Delissio Thin Crust Pepperoni and Fire Roasted Pizza could be found... I went out on limb the other night and grabbed a  Dr. Oetker...Not too shaby either.
I would recommend it quite nicely for a special night with a stripper at the trailer.
PART TWO...and the reason for the needed comfort food.

 Spent 3 hrs with Ella at Emerg today.


 We had planned a visit with friends in Colchester which is a 2 hr drive south of here. Good friends that we were all looking forward to seeing.
 About ten minutes into the trip Ella breaks out into tears because she says she "Thinks she is having a heart attack"....Nice... Shooting pains in her side near her heart.
 Now Ella is a tough kid.
  If it had been Owen I might've just kicked him in the ass...but she doesn't complain ever. Wheel around and to the Hospital we go...where we are met with complete and utter uselessness and apathy.
 I don't know what this fucking world is coming to when a concerned
parent shows up at the hospital with a Child in obvious pain...chest pains mind you...and has to wait three fucking hours only to have some shitstain, who can barely speak english, provide the following diagnosis...
" Well...I don't know what it is...but it is probably nothing. Be sure to keep an eye on it. If she shows any symptoms bring her in"
Nice..inspiring...Honest to Christ...I shudder to think what this cost the taxpayer. Fucking Charlatans!!
 "Symptoms to watch for" what ...chest pains??
Your best bet anymore is to just fucking stay healthy and cross your fingers.
 Our health system has degenerated into a laughable joke...except it isn't really that funny...especially when it is your kid.
 Not even so much as an Xray.
I am keeping a close eye on her and I hope that it is just a pulled muscle or something to that effect but Jatinder just made the list
...and it is not a good list to be on.

 This is my new BLOG other one is jacked and I have neither the time nor the energy to fix it.
 This might actually be a good thing. Fresh Start...
I think that this BLOG may become a more generic ...a less than..more than just fishing BLOG help me with the latest chapter of this shitroad we call life..
 I figure that I am kind of divided by 3 ...Musician , Friend fisherman and Father/Husband.. I am mediocre at all of the above mentioned disciplines but ..documenting it seems to bring introspection to the mix
 ...which helps me.

 Details of the year so far have way above average temps and I should be fishing like an insane freak...but I am not..
I am not sure why really but I will get there when I get there.
My last trip was one of the best ever....and it closed the book of last season quite nicely..
The talk of a Stuhan trip has lit a wee fire only to have the cold snap of the past few days hamstring me....but it won't be long....
besides I have been enjoying time with family and sacrificing myself on the alter of work.
 That is as it should be it should... Moving forward indeed.