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Thursday, August 16, 2012


 So... Popular music almost never reaches me.

My kids love music and I am desperate for them to learn the guitar or something...god please just something!!!

The 'songs' they listen too have no real instruments in the traditional sense. The sound production seems to be the 'instrument'.....and I don't know how to teach that.
There is no real incentive for them to learn how to play an actual 'traditional instrument' because these instruments have no role in the music they love to listen too...

 This is a hurdle..and I am not about to force the issue.

When I started out there was a genuine curiosity and I flailed away blindly for a while. That has to be the first step at least for guitar.

I had a day off today and decided to restring the guitar. As I was stretching out the strings and re-tuning them  I started to play the little arpeggio in the beginning of this U2 song... wasn't even sure what it was at first...then the memory came flooding back...
Memories of teen years ...high school ....hormones...innocence...clarity of vision...

Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then...

As stuffy as I've become with music and the study of music I have to admit that this type of a thing had real value for me back then and I was moved by the memory of it...

I suppose its the same for the kids and what they've got...and I am the old fuddy duddy that can't relate to it..

Maybe playing the guitar isn't cool anymore???..and that's just how it is...

BTW...speaking of guitar strings...I just ordered ten sets off Amazon and saved myself like 75%...I may start buying groceries off there as well.


  1. I think you should grow a wicked awesome stache like that dude before winter steelheading gets underway. Just sayin'.

  2. That is Neal Schon from Journey from 'back in the day'....I was saying to Kim that if I ever want to go with that look nows the time..before I lose my hair..
    She didnt seem too

  3. Playing wicked awesome guitar will always be cool in my books. Always!
    Trying to mimic the the shit they play in elevators with a guitar isn't cool at all! ;0) Just sayin' whooo haaa haaaa

    Katy Perry is hot, awesome, and has killer tits!

    That dude from Journey is has the best caucasian-afro mullet I have ever seen and to compliment it with a cracker fu-man-choo...Oh my word! Only you could rock that styling today Norland! Get on that! I'll have you at the bow of the Hyde floating down from Tippy crankin out "don't stop believing!" while the hillbillies blast their Mega-death "peace sells but who's buyin" and chuck crickets into your Fro. It'll be awesome.

  4. You are drunk...I wish I was there with more shift then collingwood...btw..another drug seizure...sigh

  5. Its quite simple to understand why nobody listens to the shit you masterbate to....take a look at the photos you posted.

    Today's music: Katy Perry - hot and skanky

    Music of yesteryear: Creepy looking dudes with terrible hair and facial expressions that lead one to believe they've taken it in the hoop more than once....

  6. Hey ..just to be clear... I don't masturbate to Jazz....the shit I masturbate too is so weird it would curl your toenails.
    Just got back from collingwood.
    We should rent a chalet up there with the two families...really good time.

  7. you think Katy Perry has a giant blue retro bush?

  8. Hope you had a good trip - we'd definitely go halfers on a cottage up there sometime.

    I couldn't look at KP the same if she had a bush of any sort...the jungle is not for me!!

  9. I like the funk ... I hope Katy has it going on like Neil's hairdo in that picture!!
    oh ya

  10. To hell with music. Post more shots of Katie Perry and or her breasts.