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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Good for a Laugh...

It always takes me forever to catch on to shit.

I remember starting to dig Seinfeld for the first time watching reruns. I must live in a cave.

I am not embarrassed by this. I kind of pride myself on it really.

I didn't have Katy Perry on my radar until she started pimping zit cream on the tube... (See... even that is funny...they don't use 'Tubes' anymore)...
 I suppose that's a great way to gauge your success in today's society BTW.
You know you've 'made it' when the powers that be are using your image to sell vanity or play to some type of insecurity or character flaw.

Zit cream
Weight loss

Sometimes I think I should've been taking a pill to keep my dick soft ...might have saved me an ass load of money and I sure as hell would've chosen a different occupation...if any at all.


Yesterday at work a buddy of mine started telling me about a website created by a guy who takes Urban kids in to the woods on hikes and camping trips or something like that.
He gets a kick out of their reactions and writes down the things that they say and ...of course...posts them on the internet.. is huge now... and I have just discovered it...but man we were laughing our asses off yesterday to a few of the "tweets" or whatever the fuck they call that ..

The Site is called GHETTO HIKES...and I fully endorse its silliness

This one is my current favourite...

@GhettoHikes: "Mr. Cody, if you could be a forest animal, what'd you be?
I be a snake, walkin' around all like ssss ssss... scarin' bitches."

There are a bunch of outdoors enthusiasts where I work and yesterday we were entertained by some of the comments from these kids..

The cynic in me thinks that ..there is no Mr Cody..and that this is all fiction ...based on tasteless stereotype...but even so ...its funny...maybe even funnier because of would appeal to my love of all things perverse and hopeless..

BTW...for the record...Katy Perry has a great rack...that is apparently  pyrotechnic in nature   ..

Very sweet


  1. Katy Perry does indeed have a great rack! ;0)

    Man get your head out of the sand. For someone that is so smart you are so dumb.

  2. Snowblowers are the shit...they make it so easy...effortless..I would like to snowblow neighbours dog...

  3. LOL! You are also a poet...a Ghetto poet. That may be the best verse of all time.

    You do know that you have to put gas in it right?