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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day Off

I finished a 60 hr work week and it just about killed me.

Today I had the day to myself.

The kids were in school and Kim actually had a teaching day and aside from a stop at Mazda for the cars first service my day was clear.


The service only took about 30mins.

I have to say they are pretty awesome in there but we've never really had anything go wrong with our cars so it is hard to tell.

After that I whipped over to the States to pick up some guitar stuff that was waiting for me at the parcel pick up place.

I had ordered a new reverb pedal that will go nicely with my new amplifier ( CAN'T WAIT!!!! ).

That deal has been finalized and I just need to wait until it's built!!!!

Oh yah!

The new pedal is a simply designed WET reverb pedal from Brian Neunaber in California. He makes wicked awesome stuff that can only be ordered directly from him.

I got turned onto this little pedal when I tried it over at my friends house when I was plugged into one of his boutique tube amps that didn't have reverb built in.

I was completely knocked out by it!!

I have since educated myself a bit and realized that reverb , for the most part , really kills the tone of the guitar and if used at all should place out front.
This is the opinion of many ...and from what I've heard recently I have come to agree with it.

Also picked up some Rolling Rock and filled up with gas. Good ol USA!!
Probably saved $60.

When I got home I hooked the Black Berry Playbook up to the TV and watched a Robben Ford concert in its entirety from Youtube.

Between Youtube and Netflix I may cancel all my satellite programming  I honestly can't remember the last time I sat down and watch a regular broadcast.

After that was done I watched the U2 Slane castle concert. Great performance.

19:40 ..brought me back...remembering the days when I was about 17 yrs old...just discovered U2..playing in my first real rock band...all the excitement of having life spread out before me...full of promise..
Actually got a little choked up thinking about it.

Great day...starting to unwind and I still have another three days off .

Snow in the forecast overnight...bring it



  1. You just brought me back down memory lane. I ( we) had a garage band. It was terrible. I sang cause I could not play any instrument except a viola and we all know that instrument will not get 'money for nothing and the chicks for free'. Even if it did, my vocals would blow that gig up in less than a second.

    As for the Rolling Rock, just picked up a 30 pack when we were in Niagara Falls, NY at a hockey tournament. One of my favs....

  2. Rolling Rock is a really nice beer...even if it will always have me thinking of russian roulette with 'Charlie'..

    Garage bands are cool. we all thought we were going to be rock starts back then..some of those guys still do.

    Can't wait for my new amp.

    Winters sucks

  3. Rolling Rock always brings me back to that PA trip to the Elk. Good memories. Definately a go to beer!!!!