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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Camera ( Morin Wins Again )

Well after facing shot after shot from Morin on how shitty my BLOG pics have been I finally broke down and bought a new camera..

The CANON SX500 is

And I got a really good deal on it as well.

I found me a motivated future shop teenager/college student and I talked him into matching the price. This isn't fair play.

I should feel guilty about this but I FRIGGIN DON'T!!!

I am tired of everything being so expensive and if I can save $80.oo on a camera I am damn well going to do it.

..let future shop take their kill on the North End Slob that makes six figures and  who feels like he needs a 80" 3D TV in order to watch this weeks flavour on American Idol or his life just won't be complete...
Make that guy

That extra $80.oo will fill my car with gas and buys us dinner on our upcoming trip to Myrtle Beach.

My Fuji camera was a POS but too be fair .. As described it was Waterproof, Shockproof, Dustproof and Freezeproof....but it finally wouldn't load pics on the

I tried to document the latest snowstorm...which was a nasty bitch.. but couldn't get the USB thing to do its magic...

Dig the Zoom below


Took it as a sign and started shopping.

Anyway... I went with the Canon SX500 IS for $225 w a 16 G card thrown in......
....that deal is MORIN-ESQUE !!!!!

It is a bigger , bulkier camera but to be honest those little dropsy MFers give me the creeps!!

I took some pics and here they far I can see a real improvement.

It has a 30x Optical Zoom and I told Morin he could borrow it to see if he could find his Penis...but that is a fools hope.


  1. A huge improvement! Congrats on the purchase. You can't go wrong with a Cannon. The only reason I abandoned my last one was the was for midgits and their creepy little hands.
    Quite the zoom there peeping Tom!!! Can anybody say "Holy neighbours nipples!"
    Now we gotta put it to the real test on the river...

  2. BTW is that the lego man the doctor pulled out of your a$$?