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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Push

Well since my last post I have almost worked non stop.

I have decided to really buckle down and earn some dough in order to right the Norland ship.

Sometimes you just have to Man Up and get er done.

The amount of Overtime that is kicking around this year is absolutely obscene and I have taken just about every shift I can.
I was scheduled to work tonight but pulled the plug early on today due to just downright exhaustion.

 I have accepted another four O.T shifts for next week so I thought I'd better just relax and take it easy in preparation for it.

I have never worked this hard and it is making me extremely bitter.

We are still without a contract ( been over two years now ) and we  have taken our employer to court over unfair labour practices.

The hearing is tomorrow.

The outcome should be very interesting...and to be honest represents a real crossroads for me.

This country is fucked...and nobody cares.

Our government is so corrupt and out of control that it really is beyond belief...and I am running out of gas fighting the good fight on behalf of people that don't have the guts to stand up for themselves.

I miss my kids...

Today was a good day.

Owen has been watching master chef and has been inspired by it.
Today he asked me if I would help him make Eggs Benedict.

He did 95% of it by himself with very few suggestions by me. To be honest..I probably would've over cooked the eggs without him insisting they come out.
...They were perfect!!

That kid is something else.

Ella has finally learned how to ride a bike.
It took her forever , and it was really starting to get on her nerves... (and mine )..

For whatever reason, she seemed to have a mental block...almost a phobia about it.

I should've forced the issue a long time ago maybe..but either way...the training wheels are off...and she is so proud!!
I am proud to...I am even proud of myself.

This summer represents a terrible sacrifice for the benefit of these people I am responsible for....but that is my role and I am getting it done.

I am shooting for 30 O.T shifts and should be there about the 1st or 2nd week of Sept.

I missed the moment when Ella finally eschewed the training wheels, conquered her fear and began to ride....

Trying really really hard to forgive myself..

I was working an O.T shift...for an employer that is corrupt, and for a public that doesn't give a shit, at a job that I have really grown to despise...

Norlands Chrome from Brian M on Vimeo.

Fall can't come soon enough.


  1. The system blows...
    The only way to rise above mediocrity is to work OT, sell crack, or whore yourself out for gay porn. Now we both know you opt for the latter but I'm very glad you manned up for the OT shifts.
    The rivers will be full of chrome in no time. Get to makin hay while the sun shines and when those skies turn to grey we will cut out for the back country.

    Remember...Hitler didn't need no snow tires!

  2. It just may seem more corrupt because your organization is suppose to protect and govern us. Regardless, corruption and nepotism is present in all organizations, business and sports. I have experiences the latter two first hand, being on both ends of it......and not proud I may say. I have learned to accept it and make it work for us where I can.

    Your sacrifices are for the greater good and in the long run, all will appreciate it and love you for what you have done.

    Okay enough with the Deep Thoughts. Its starting to lean towards the gay porn Brian mentioned. :0

    Chromers will be in very soon. I have heard that the mudsharks are starting to transform and are coming in closer from the middle. ;)

    Lead on Gene!

  3. Oh yeah...I almost forgot...Eggs Benny...Jesus!

  4. Thanks Gil
    ...really looking forward to the fall