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Sunday, September 22, 2013


Well ... I just felt like it was time for a new entry.

The summer was a supreme test, on many fronts..

I think I passed.

Last year...and in many years previous, Kim didn't get much work as a supply teacher.
Her vocation hasn't quite worked out the way we'd hoped..

In the summer months it all falls on my meager income and I find myself working a lot harder than I would like.

This summer I decided that I would buckle down , man up and really try and put us in a position where most of our plastic debt was clear and we were able to find some breathing room.

This can only be done one way...and that horrible road is OT...From about mid July to just recently I have been working on average 70 hrs a week.
It hurt...hurt a lot..but its over now and the money is starting to roll in.

I am proud of my efforts but still recognize that we are living beyond our means.

I know myself well enough to know that I can't do this kind of push on a yearly basis.

The hope is that this proves to be a much more lucrative year for the teaching front or we may have to make some big changes.

I had been looking forward to the mid portion of Sept as the light at the end of my tunnel. I have most of the month off and really needed to get away from work and spend some quality time with the family.

I decided to take the kids out of school this past week and have some fun.

We bounced around some ideas but ultimately decided on camping at the Pinery Provincial Park.

The family is home a day early after being abused by lightening storms and biblical rainfall. I had images of tranquil campfires and starlit skies underscored by fresh air..
Instead it was test after test after test..

The kicker was when my wife locked the keys in one of the vehicles last night just before we were about to attach the tent trailer i'd borrowed ( reluctantly ) from my brother in law.

She had to drive halfway to Sarnia and meet my brother in law in order to get the spare set...

...meanwhile I am back at the campsite with the kiddies and the dog...all the gear is packed up but chairs around the campfire..trying to roast smores in the pouring rain..

Definitely not a chapter in the book of awesome...and definitely not the 'vacation' I was in need of..

HOWEVER...looking back now after having my morning coffee , talking to the kids and going over my pictures I have to say.. I had a great time.

You take your shots with a camping trip,.....but next year we'll be renting a cabin.

Avery loves the outdoors and was on a mission to locate the elusive Hognosed Snake.
We failed...however we did make contact with bullfrogs ,salamanders, walking sticks, deer, herons, snapping turtles, caterpillars ,wild turkeys and many other little critters that got her all excited.

That was worth it.

Off to Ottawa this week....that city makes me nauseous.

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  1. Looks like you had the place to yourself! AWESOME!! Too bad about the rain but late September can go either way. Glad you got a few good days in there.
    Soon enough it will be grey skies and day trips up the lake.
    Can't wait...
    Hang in there. I'm on the hook for three 12's... :0(