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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Alright Then

Beads and a 40 dollar breakfast...

I will just have to file it all under the category of WTF...

As offensive as both of these things can be to me I have to admit that each has value.

On four hours sleep , following one of the most trying 3 days of work I have ever experienced, I agreed to go fishing yesterday with Morin.

It was the right thing to do and it was a day of greatness fit for the memory book.

We hiked through the snow with our orange on with the hope that we wouldn't be shot and low and behold we made it.

I do not like fishing during the deer seasons, it is foolish, however, some things are worth dying for and living is one of them.

We only heard one shotgun blast all day.

In fact we only ran across two other souls...and they were fishing. They went up stream according to the tracks in the snow and we went downstream.

Very civilized.

It was a weird winter bite that started strong for me but tapered off significantly. I hooked maybe 7 fishing all day landing only three of those.

Morin put on a clinic with the fucking bead show.

I was genuinely happy for his success but Jesus these fish can be weird...and that can get under my skin a


See below courtesy of JB

I am a stubborn MFer and in truth I think that part of the reason I hold out so long with new tactics is just to get on Brian's nerves.
Fuck him.

Well... I am a believer ...but I am still not fishing there!


At one point I was resting up against a log in the snow and actually started dreaming... I was that tired.
Last night I went to bed at 7:45 pm and I woke up today at 7:30 am and when I finish this I may have a nap.

This is my 7 day stretch and I am going to get some rest.

In many ways yesterday was a perfect way to start it. I burnt away the last bit of energy I had in the reserve and now I am completely fucking exhausted.

It was a great buffer between the shitshow that is work and who I really am.

The fresh air , friendship , and exercise makes that disparity easy to define.

The last drift of the day tight to the wood pile prompted a strike from a beauty of a buck just shy of 30 ".

I had to test the gear and my shoulder to coax this Mfer from all the lumber and it was a miracle that I ended up with my hand around it's tail.

A great moment from a run that we'd just got done saying really owed us some fish.

Well, we're square now, the river and I,...and always will be.


  1. That's a beauty buck for any river but a true trophy for that little girl. Good thing you are a midget and make it look so large in the pics. Man I hate midgets... I should of photoshopped two Atomic Orange beads on you for nadds...would have helped your street cred!
    Good show out there old man. That hiking crap in the snow is gonna be the death of me. When did we get so old?

  2. welcome to my world and norland atomic beads is where it is at just ask BRIAN WHO SWORE NEVER TO USE THEM THE POS lol

  3. Red.. if I have truly found myself in your world it is time to kill myself.
    Morin is a POS

  4. beads.. I call em steelhead roofies, for when you just don't feel like even trying... god I love beads! shit, you use bait.. might as well get on the winning team! nice fish-

  5. I am a bait morin. His secret is to marinate his beads in his hoop. The bizarre mixture of semen and feculance creates a scent that no Steelhead can resist. I myself will stay to the anti -sodomite high road....

  6. Brilliant day from your recollect. I admit, I am a bead junkie as much as I am a bagger. Great fish Gene.

  7. Gene admits the only beads he uses are on a rope and jammed up his hoop!