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Saturday, November 23, 2013

General Fatigue

My wife turned the big 40 yesterday.

We had celebrated her birthday a little while back by going to Toronto and watching a play.

We are seeing another play tonight as a matter of fact.

The kids are performing in 'Joseph' tonight at the Imperial Theatre in town and tonight is the final performance.

They have really enjoyed it..but I will be glad when it's done...SO GLAD.

I hate Andrew Lloyd Weber. His music is garbage.

 The story of Joseph is one of the most idiotic examples of the Bible's idiotic stories and I have no interest in watching it played out to equally idiotic rock/calypso music.

The kids have worked hard on this..and it has value for them..and I am really proud of them for taking part.

But ....

Anyway...somethings you just have to do.

Last night Kim and I went to a local pub and hung out with the cast of the show in order to celebrate her birthday.
She is pretty hung over

She doesn't cut loose very often and it was nice to see her relax....but I hate people and I saw some real human garbage in action last night.

Oh well,

Did get out fishing the other day and the conditions were shit....same old same old.
We caught fish in spite of it but I am really hoping that things shape up a bit before everything locks up solid.

Our contract will be settled in the coming weeks and today I went car shopping. The raise will just about cover the cost of a car payment and the Tercel is fit for the bone yard.

I went round and round with the Mazda salesman and he made me so tired.

The guy I used to deal with is gone. He was a rare straight shooter in a profession of douchebags. I will miss him...
Today I got up and walked out only to have him say "of course that quote in your hand is not the best we can do"


The dance...the tiresome dance.

I may buy out of town just because of that stupid shit.

It will be nice to have a reliable commuter car however.

Kimi wants white..and it is starting to grow on me too.

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  1. White is the colour of semen...that is why you want it!