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I am useless.
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Sunday, February 19, 2012


So here is something neat.

My life and the life of my family growing up was a little shy of 'Leave it to Beaver' and such....

Not everybody can have the Norman Rockwell coziness that is tacitly implied as 'normal' through commercials and greeting cards.

It could be that it doesn't really exist at all and it is just an idea that it is impossible to live up too.

My Wife's family is close.
They have solid ties and great family traditions.
Funny though..Even after all this time I am still looking for the cracks...

Nobody's perfect...I sure as hell am not...but Kims family is close.

Mine never fact most of my youth was a horror show that was barely survived..and that's OK.

It wasn't 'OK' for a while but I have come to realize that the struggles I faced growing up were essential to me developing into who I am today...
..and I am more than alright.
The sum of our experiences and all that.

My wife's naivete is something I really love about times envy...but in the end I wouldn't thank you for it.

Rose coloured glasses are not for me.

I recently had to explain to my daughter the reason that my father is not in our family picture.

A tough one that I knew was coming.

How do you tell your little girl that your father was an absolute horror of a human being??

They were doing family studies at school and she had a little sad spell because she couldn't say anything about her Grandpa on my side.

She is a smart kid and after a little talk I think that she is alright.

It helps that Gerry is perfection when it comes to the Grandfather role  ...and the father role for that matter.

He makes me realize just what I missed out on and that is kind of sad but he is now a great friend and more importantly a great example of family dedication and love.

It was harder for my sisters...much harder.

Enough of that..however...through the storm we came and yesterday I was part of a family that welcomed a wee little baby into the world blessed with people that are dedicated to her and full of  love for her.

It was a beautiful thing that represents supreme triumph over the worst kind of adversity and I am so proud to be part of it.

I am now a Great Uncle...and my sister is a Grandmother!!!

That sure helps the midlife crisis....tick


  1. Great Uncle...Well you are an old weathered pos of a human being as well. Congrats on both fronts!
    My wife marvels at how two like minded souls such as ourselves ever come to meet...stupid internet LOL!
    Get ready for the next road trip Biatch! 03/08 is quickly approaching. Giddy-up!

  2. I am ready...but I may just leave the fishing rods at home...I don't know how much more Michigan humility I can take...
    Those fucking fish hate me....

  3. Every living thing on this planet down to paramecium and amoeba hate you...and I don't blame them. Those single celled bitches are smart!