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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Winter Blah

Was it a good trip?


But the fishing was extremely difficult with a healthy dose of Norland Curse thrown in just in case.

It is hard being me...sometimes it really is.

This is in no way me feeling sorry for myself...

Anyone who really knows me can figure out pretty quick that I do not suffer false modesty and I am my favourite person by far....but shit hits me sometimes...probably my own doing 90% of the time..makes for good comic relief..even for me...

But ...truth be told...the insurmountable centrenpin birds nest on Stuhans boat just about sent me over the edge...literally...I almost jumped in the fucking water and swam for shore...

But I didn't...and Jeff set me up with his rig without hesitation...class....and I was embarrassed.

So ...rewind a bit.

I finally am able to make a few moves with the schedule at work and take part in a 3 day trip to Brian's Michigan Cabin.

I had been dying to take advantage of the above average temps this year and the outstanding fishing opportunities.
Like usual, this time of year puts me in a position where there is no official leave in the bank and any extended time off has little to no flexibility as far as timing...

Its roll your dice and I am cool with that.

So par for the course...

Temps plummet, head cold sets in, traffic jam for two hours on the way over, Muskegon River Steelhead get lockjaw and the Manistee fish are not much better, develop a back-lash on my PIN the likes of which have never been seen before on this earth in the midst of a trip that has my nerves so frayed I am thinking about giving up fishing entirely...Sound like fun???

..well it was ...a blast actually.

The thing is... you get used to it ...and I now come to expect it once in a while.

I am fond of saying you wouldn't know a good day if there weren't any bad ones.

Well,..I have had my share of both fishing and the fish owe me nothing.

Bottom line is I am a clumsy fuck... and iced guides high winds and mounting frustration are a bad combination...but roaring down a cool river with two cool guys searching for the greatest fish that swim is a wicked way to spend a day.

I did catch my first fish on a maggot...I am not sure that I am happy about that at all really...Maggots???......Really???


The curse even found its way into Morin's Cabin ...kind of funny.

It was not without amusement ...watching him out in the minus seven degree weather snaking the septic system through all of the shit trying to fix that thing...

He had this 15 ft long steel rope contraption that he would wiggle around in the plumbing only to pull it out and whip it in the snow to get all the goo off it....
Disturbing image...

Like some sort of bizarre Lion tamer with a shit whip in the snow covered woods of the Manistee National Forest.


So good times was hard but good like fishing can be...I spent most of the time drunk and ate some really great food.

Pulled in the driveway last night and Avery ran up to greet me!!...Genuine enthusiasm and glad to see me!!!
I threw my arms around her and tossed her above my head ...and felt my back go out.....I have been in agony ever since and heavily medicated...

sigh....NORLAND...I am Norland  


  1. LOL! You are Norland.
    Great times and many laughs can't wait til the next time.

  2. Ya...real funny. I am a fucking bear this morning. Good thing I am in comm ops where no one speaks english.

  3. You ARE Norland!! And the world needs a few Norlands so the rest of us can feel a little bit better about ourselves!!!

    Wish I could have been there to witness it - although perhaps if I had I been there I would have taken the pressure off you by mysteriously turning into NORLAND myself like last time.....???? :0

    The 'High Bank Drifters' are due for a reunion tour!

  4. Sorry I missed you characters. I'll catch up with you next time. Make sure to have some more of that world class dublin jerky on hand!

  5. The Jerky place is tits...TITS I says!!!

    Back over in about 3 weeks...hopefully the fish are ready by then.


  6. Oh they're ready... check my latest post.

  7. Yeah.. I saw that you MFer!

    As soon as I get there they will shut down completely no doubt.....but in truth it is the Jerky dip that I crave the most.

    I think I shall steer clear of the Hellfire Venison Jerky...that mess had me peeing out my ass and wishing for death the following day...
    ..But I think it cured my head cold!!!