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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Made In China???

So the guitar search continues...

I just received my T4 and should be able to find the time for taxes in the coming weeks.

Might be a tough sell with the warden but I am leaning towards spoiling myself a bit with a guitar purchase from my tax return money.

It has been one helluva year and I may have discovered a relatively affordable option here...

Eastman Guitars 

These guitars appear to be very well made and hand crafted by people in China of all places.

I have searched the internet and it is impossible to find anything negative to say about them...and they look fantastic!!

The antique style finishes they put on their guitars are old school classy and right up my alley taste wise.

There are a number of options for obtaining one.

A store in Rochester NY has a great selection...and even a few used ones kicking about...and I am not above that at all.
Most guitars require a break in period anyway before they start coming into their own sound wise and a few scratches here and there just saves me time!

There is another store in London ON that carries them but in typical Canadian fashion they are stupid over priced in I could order one off ebay and have it shipped to my door and save about $400.oo...
I might head there next week though just to play something similar and see if they are all they are cracked up to be ...

It would be weird owning a guitar made in China...almost makes me feel guilty in a way...but shit...I am tired of getting hammered with overpriced big name garbage...and it is a viable option moneywise..

If I had tons of dough I might buy a Collings or something similar...but I don' this is the way I am leaning...
For Now.


But spells like this are easily broken  ...


  1. Those are some fine looking Axes...Now I wonder how well they would grind out "For whom the Bell Tolls or Ride the Lightening"

    Order one up brotha...You can ship it to PH and we can pick it up and declare it on our way back from MI...all up and up and stuff ;0)

  2. It pleases me that I have no fucking idea what you are talking about..
    At first I thought that you'd made some Hemingway reference but then remembered that you are an illiterate inhuman piece of garbage.
    I don't know if I can buy a guitar without playing it first...but I am leaning towards
    The tax return money is earmarked for a little daddy pick me least in my ind and barring any unforeseen domestic the roof caving in or the car catching on fire...or shit maybe Harper will lay me off...

  3. You probably burn books in your wood stove for warmth whilst enjoying a near death drunkin binge...senor

  4. Hemingway was a turd smoker...much like yourself...Now take James there was a modern day druken trailer trash pos visionary I can relate to.

  5. I just googled James Hetfield... Christ,.. I will never get that time back...