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The next phase of online self indulgence.
I made the mistake of monkeying around with my original BLOG located here and ruining it.
I am useless.
I am starting over..and here we go.

Monday, March 12, 2012

At least I saw the Woodpecker

There are some giant woodpeckers over on the west side of is hell being a tree by the looks of it.

I had a rough go the past few days and so did little Ave.

We both have some kind of bug. Mine was augmented by some poor choice of Libation.

Kim had her into the doctors again last night just to be sure but the word is that it is a virus ...and a bad one that  is working its way through the city..

Very annoying...

One wee little fish and a glimpse into the Michigan Spring Steelhead freakshow....not for me but good times none the less.

Good to be home.

Owen and I shared a Tim Hortons Breakfast Sandwich today down at the waterfront only about 100 metres from where he got his winning salmon in last years derby.
That was awesome and we are looking forward to it again...I do have my owes me nothing.

Ave managed to keep some toast down this morning...fingers crossed.


  1. Hope your daughter gets well soon and that nasty bug does not run through the rest of the family.

  2. Thx Gil... I am down and out still. Very nasty. At least the weather is nice. Owen and I were going to fish under the Bridge today. Should be just about perfect but I think I am just going back to bed.

  3. Correction... I 'Have' a giant pecker....I may have to hire a hooker to see if it still works however...
    Made it through a full shift today..well almost...half the crew is sick with this virus. Hopefully it will kill some of them.
    I should've spit in your coffee at the cabin come to think of it.