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Monday, March 26, 2012

Wee Little Break

I have been working a ton of Hours lately...and most of that has been at "straight time"...ugh...
The schedule I am on is loaded heavy in spots and I am right in the thick of it now.

 The cushy end was back a few weeks ago and it was wasted with illness...both mine and the kids...very bad timing indeed.
Today was the first day of a two day break for me. It feels good ..really good.

 The weather has turned however with a little more seasonal temps. I woke up this morning to the wind howling out of the North. Living out on the lake is very cool in this regard.
 Sometimes I will roll in to the driveway after a day at work...kill the engine and just sit and listen to the waves crashing in down at the beach which is only a stones throw away.
A very unique situation that I will hopefully never take for granted. It probably is adding years to my life.
Today 'the sea was angry my friends'

 Kim was teaching today which is awesome...we could use the dough..and also because it leaves me with Ave. Ave loves spending time with me but only if Mom is not around.

I can't blame her because I prefer Kims company over my own as well.

 These little fun days with Avery are limited now...I know this... I saw it with Owen and even Ella...the trips to the Animal Farm and such are losing their lustre with everybody but me it seems.

This , I suppose is normal..but so is the sadness watching it go knowing that this is it.

Today the game was feed the Geese and then on to the french fry trucks under the bridges.

Well the trucks decided to stay home due I am sure to the rippin wind coming off Lake Huron so we went to Alberts Store Front french fries.

This is a funky place that has it all.

The basket of breaded shrimp with fries and Malt vinegar is so good that it is perverse!!!

Avery and I had a blast and I have plans to meet up with a good friend tonight to play some music.

 Gary and I haven't seen each other in ages so it will be nice to tip a beer with him at the very least.

I have very little interest in fishing right now even though they are having a banner year here under the bridges with the Steelhead return.

 Looking out at the lake has me yearning for some trolling however and Gerry should be home in a week or so. One more push at work and then I can breath.
 The tax return dough came in and I am ready to pull the trigger on a new guitar...I just haven't decided which direction to go. My 43rd Bday is right around the corner and I think I will go ahead and treat myself...fuck it.

 Life is too short not to.


  1. I hear ya on all of it dude. Jordan turned 15 today. Where does the time go...She is well into her first year of high school and I fear if I blink my eyes she will be in grade 10.
    Treat is far too short.

  2. 15!!!
    There will be a ton of work for me this summer and I think That I will go ahead a reward myself ahead of time...I just don't know what I want???
    There is a guitar in NJ I would like t take a look at...up for a road trip??!!!!

  3. Nice Gene. A really nice post. Love that view out into the "ocean". As for the kids getting old, I want to play this game of share with you guys!!!...... No more public displays of affection from mine anymore unless its a fist pump/explosion from my 9 year old. Fock I look like an idiot doing that.

    Do it. Pull it man and get that guitar. You deserve it!!!

  4. My 11 year son is a sensitive little guy. It is heart wrenching at times because I almost feel like I should try and discourage his tenderness. I think that at some point 'Life' will catch up to him and eat him alive. He is still all hugs in the morning when I drop him off at school. I see the other kids look at him sometimes but he is oblivious to it. It helps that he is very athletic and tall I think...that keeps him from the attempted ass kickings that I used to face for my oddity...
    He comes by it honestly come to think of it.
    As for the guitar...I am getting er done today 99% soon as the store opens....
    ..And I am getting a dealio that is 'Morin-esque'