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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chet Baker and Rene Thomas

This is a very cool Jazz album.

This thing was on regular rotation for me back about ten/fifteen years ago but then my tastes changed and I started moving in a different direction musically.

I rediscovered this disc this morning and it is cool when that happens.

Kinda brings me back to how I was feeling during that time period and also I can kind of hear the Rene Thomas influence in the way I play now.

It's also very cool how that happens.

When learning to play Jazz listening to great recordings is sort of like taking a lesson from them as much as enjoying the musical offering...

Through the exposure to great players you just sort of soak it in and wait for it to resurface. Some times it's very subtle and very gradual as well.

Rene's playing was way ahead of his time and his influence can be heard in quite a variety of players that are doing it today.
I found his best playing on these Italian recordings with Chet Baker and I don't know how many times I listened to this recording.....

Here is their version of the classic ballad

These Foolish Things 

That is a standout cut but the other tracks are pretty cool as well.

The whole recording is dynamite really.

I sat down today and made a recording of this jazz classic as well in order to post it on a Jazz guitar forum I frequent..

These Foolish Things (my version)


  1. "but then my tastes changed and I started moving in a different direction "
    You mean like from hot Tranny love to full on Trucker back-door shiek!


  2. Mother of God your weird....
    How you diggin the Norland curse now...??
    By Thursday they will be calling for hurricane snowstorms...

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    1 more work day bitch...

  4. Today sucked...this time tomorrow I will be in front of fire well on my way to being inebriated...

  5. Listen...I don't believe for one minute that we have escaped your curse....I think it outsmarted both of us in the form of a giant thaw...we just may be flooded with this extreme warming trend and flash flood. First a giant dumping of snow just to fuck your head up then when it looks like the weather might be manageable God turns on you with temps in the teens and rain. Friggin 14C tonight in Wellston with 10-15mm of rain forecast. Christ what did you do to God for him to hate you so badly. Now it's affecting me...luckily I don't give a F*ck and will catch fish if it's 1000000000cfs on the gauge.
    Beer, Mud, Flood, and sleep... <19hrs biatch!

  6. Nothing escapes the curse..nothing.

    Good chance we are crushed by a rogue asteroid on the way over.

    I might not even fish...I hope the pizza place didn't burn down.