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Monday, September 17, 2012

I am become 'Garnet'???

Well I have realized my true potential I suppose.

My friend Garnet trades in cars like most people switch shoes....actually scratch that... I have had my shoes way longer than G-Dawg has ever owned a

Well...long story short I took delivery of our new Mazda 5. The 2012 blowout incentives were just too good to pass up.
I had kind of made up my mind a while back that I would  just accept the fact that I am going to have a car payment for most of my life and that is that.
I know new cars are bad investments and blah blah fucking blah...but the payments really are no that bad...the car is fun to drive and I don't have to worry about break down s when we go on long trips....which we never do...but there it spins..

Anyway ...after having a talk with Garnet I called my local Mazda guy.

After trading in my 2010 for this 2012 my payments have actually gone down right around $30/Month...

I do lose my moonroof , LED taillights and super cool rims but this gets me out of putting new tires on the the older one and doing the brakes..

These cars are pretty cool and even though it confirms my neutered dorkiness I am pretty pumped..and the blue is growing on me.

Also I just confirmed that I will be playing my annual two day Jazz gig again with my friend Torrie.

Unfortunately it falls right in the middle of Steelhead season   :o/

Should be fun though.

This seven day stretch has been busy as hell but really cool.

Fishing trip this weekend and I am bringin the new much for that new car smell.


  1. Nice Ride! This weekend will be Tits! We will put a few miles on here drivin all over God's country! We should check out Sleeping Bear Dunes. Very cool place.

  2. Although, its a minivan, its definitely the coolest one of the pack!!! Congrats, and keep your damn fishing shit outta that thing :-x Kimi and I are gonna have to talk!

  3. Brian...
    Looking forward to the trip. This cool temps are making me loopy.

    Sorry I didn't get back to you about this was crazy and not really very conducive for a get together.
    I love the red dash lights on this car..makes me feel like I am driving in hell at night.

    We'll have to make some plans soon.