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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Getting Caught Up

Well the summer has come to an end and we have started to slide into Fall.

This is a good thing regardless of my children s opinion.
They all love school...which is odd...

Avery was a little shaky at first but she has come around nicely.

I had a chance to observe her today through the classroom window unbeknownst  ...I had dropped Owen off from a running event and just stood outside the classroom for a few minutes spying.

Ave was interacting nicely and laughing and playing. Her teacher noticed me at one point and gave me a thumbs up.
All's cool on that front and even I have started to let go a was very touching.

I have found that the excuses that I have had over the past little while for being a disorganised mess of a human might actually have been valid.

Today was the first day whereI was off work on a day of rest and Kim had a teaching day and all the kids were in school.


Lawn fertilized, house cleaned, car washed, gear organized for fall, garage cleaned and still managed practice a little on the Gee-tar..( still can't quite get the handle on Ramble On...might have to kill myself )

A house to myself...?

I may start to like this... a lot.

Last weekend the boys made a run over to Michigan to allegedly fish for Salmon.

I would rather stick a Michigan cricket in my ass then fish for Salmon...but getting drunk in the Manistee National forest right on the edge of fall is not without a certain appeal... I am IN!

It was a good time as usual. A few fish were caught and hooked but for the most part it was kinda like going to the Zoo.

..a trip to the Zoo capped off to a 10PM vist to Tippy Dam where one could witness the true hyperbarbarous behaviour that the fall Salmon run inspires..

Never sure whether to laugh or cry...

Oh well..There but for the grace of god go I ..or something like fun is right around the corner and it was good to blow the dust off the Float chops.

I am usually into fish by mid October and after that November is just a hold your breath couple of weeks away.

I am going to fish hard this year.

I do need a new wading jacket though...the stink of mine is almost painful.

DSCF0979 from Gene Norland on Vimeo.

I have great plans to get Owen on the river with me this year. He is 11 and ready...although he may be bringing the Bow while I fish.


  1. Right on Gene! Owen will have a great time with you as his guide and mentor.

    ps~ man that is a lot of Raven products! ;)

  2. Owen will be stocking the freezer in no time! Good call on that purchase ;0)

    Great weekend...

    Can't wait to really start fishing. I hope work don't "put a Fuck-on-me!" when this November outage starts. That would be devastating...

  3. Not gonna lie, I had to google "hyperbarbarous." Sorry I missed you guys while you were in town. We'll hook up next time. Bring on the chrome!

  4. LOL....sounds good.

    I know how you feel...Morin has me running to 'Urban Dictionary' to understand his text messages.
    The last one was the use of the word 'Shitfinger'.
    "as in .." really shitfingered this fishing trip"
    Fucking guy needs to be locked up.

  5. LMAO. Shitfinger. Awesome.

  6. Gil..
    Owen loves the woods and trails but seems to have inherited the 'Fawdry' side of things.
    He wants to hunt with the Bow.
    Pretty cool... I wouldn't mind taking it up with him.
    Something fun we could do together and I love venison chops on the BBQ.
    I can just see the buck strapped to the hood of the 1999 Tercel racing toward the butcher...LOL