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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summers End

 Well the north winds are starting to blow and the hurricanes have started to come ashore across the continent.

I feels wrong to hope for disaster but the fact is that in 2006... the year of Katrina...we had the greatest Steelhead season ever...Hmmmm...

New Orleans has already seen another this year and supposedly there is a bit of nastiness brewing off the east coast of Canada...


In retrospect it was a pretty good summer. I worked a ton of hours and I am still waiting for the much needed OT money to come rolling in...but the working is done..for the most part.

Kim is already booked for a few teaching days and that really takes the pressure off.

I have a seven day stretch starting tomorrow and I don't think that I will take any OT...fuck it...
It has been a very long time since I have enjoyed a seven day stretch without the odd OT shift thrown in there...enough is enough.

I have no plans this week other than the possible visit from some good friends and a possible car purchase. know you have been successfully neutered when a min van purchase is considered exciting..I lost myself somewhere only the way.

Kim and I took the kids to the Pinery on Sunday and really had a great time.

My kids are awesome and I don't know what I would do without them.

 It makes me sick to think of the time I have wasted at work this summer and been away from them but I have done my best to find ways to make the most of my days off with them.

Avery has started school and so far she has been in tears every morning. I am an emotional person and it has been really hard for me to see her off on this stage of her life.

In a lot of ways it is the end of something special...gone never to return...and that hurts. Hurts a lot.

Anyway...there is a fishing /drinking trip on the horizon and it should be a very good time but the real fishing is truly just around the corner and I am pretty jacked up...

I'd give anything for a nice loose hen this fall....oh that magical Chunny roe from Michigan...


  1. I love the Giant Sky pics. Looks like you had a very cool day at the Pinery. are an old lame pathetic POS that is on deaths door! Cheer Up!

    Trip will be tits old man! There will be loose chinny roe for time! ;0)

  2. Oh ya...who took that first day of school pic and ruined that memory forever? Worst pic of the year award goes to...."useless!"

  3. Yah ..that picture sucks...the camera is a POS...Kimi got some good ones though,..about 1400 of em..