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I am useless.
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Here There Be TONE!

Well, today is a good day.

I was sitting at the computer today when Morin sends me an email out of the blue saying something to the effect of ..'remember this?' (pic attached).

It was a picture of a fish. of the most beautiful fish I have ever caught. Not a giant ...but an absolute chromer from a most beautiful section of a most beautiful river on one of the greatest days of my life.

If my memory serves me...and I don't really care if it does...I am a fisherman after all...I believe I was on parental leave for Avery at the time..
So that would put it about four years ago.

There is another pic from that same day kicking around where I have a full beard and an absolute crazed look in my eye..
I had gone Native...

Great memory...and the pic gave me a real shot in the arm.

Kimi was teaching today and I was home with Avery. She has picked up another virus and has been down and out for the past two days.

So the email from Morin gives me a lift and then ...PING...I get another one...

This one is from SCC parcel Pickup in Port Huron MI telling me that I have a parcel in from Bergenfeld NJ.


Well I had just enough time to whip over and grab it then unpack it before taking Ella to her Skating carnival practice.

So it sits almost directly above me in my living room..looking ultra sexy and badass...and I can't even plug into it because the kids are

Tomorrow...tomorrow I will blow the windows out of this house.

Funny...I am a hopeless neurotic...I am a little waiting and just reading all the hype on the internet about this amp I am afraid to plug into it a bit.

I mean I can't help but be disappointed because I have built my expectations up to a merciless height...

Sure looks cool. I may curl up next to it on the floor and sleep beside the fucker. Maybe I'll wake up cool?

Like the Fonz. 


  1. Badass!!!
    I seriously want to crack a Muskoka Cream Ale and hear you crank out some U2 on that f*cker. Where the Streets have no Name. Like at a deafening amplitude.
    I Can't wait! Congrats deserve it.
    BTW...that pic was run in Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine. One of my favourite all time pics ever and I also remember that day to a tee. That beard had Punjabi wannabe written all over it. Wooolalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

  2. Oh yeah...I bet you are glad you got the big amp now! Always go with your gut! Good call!