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Saturday, March 23, 2013

"The Insane Humours Of Man"

So this time of year at work is kind of slow.

Which bodes well because I have almost zero interest or energy in the place.
This happens....and typically these funks only last for a little while at which time I snap out of it and hit the ground runnin..

Until that time you try and find different ways to keep yourself going...

There is a book shelf in our workplace where people place books that we can all share with each other.

The other day I grabbed a worn old pocket novel called  'Run Silent , Run Deep'

It is a classic world war two story about sub/sea battles.

I remember vaguely the movie as a in the only real thing I remember about it was how cool it was.

I have always been a bit claustrophobic so the idea of fighting in the war by means of a submarine makes my skin crawl...

The writing is really good and I am enjoying the book.

The title of this Blog entry is a quote from the Captain of the submarine.

When I read it today it made me laugh out loud. I deal a lot with the insane humours of man...without it I would probably be out of a job...some days I wish I was ...

It also brought me back to the Street hockey ball float that Brian and I saw suspended in the tree above the Manistee River.

These riverside ubiquitous 'Finesse Tactics' are always a source of amusement to us....but at the time...after dealing with the Curse and all...well it didn't really seem that funny...

Does now though.

It is tough to find an overhanging branch along that river that doesn't have either a bevy of Michigan Crickets nesting in it or a Norland-esque Birdsnest of floats/fishing line weaved though the limbs.

Grim...very grim...horrific

I try and pretend that it is spider webs or something natural...poor fucking fish...jesus.

Just finished four shifts in a row which included my training for a air brake drivers license endorsement.

I seriously may chuck it all and become a truckdriver.


  1. YIPP-EEE KAI OWWWWWWW Motha Trucka...

    Those Hockey ball floats no doubt belonged to Ricks and Rick...didn't ya see the pink line coming from them.


  2. LOL..."he an't go down ...not with three barrels on em he can't??!!!!"
    Ah the majesty of returning salmonids..

    I am pretty sure the guy who taught us in the DZ class was an HA member...
    I wonder what it feels like to be part of a winning team?