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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Well Ella and I finally won!

We picked out this little dog...and it is really cute.

Actually don't pick the dog up until Wednesday...which works out well because I am working the next four of five... And it is Easter weekend/Skating Carnival..ugh

God I hope this isn't a big mistake...

The Dogs are so cute that even Avery is coming around...Here we

This morning I talked Kim into taking a ride out to visit a breeder in Watford area. The woman/ family that raises these dogs is an absolutely outstanding person. She immediately just cut all 9 of the puppies loose and let them run around the property....

Well that was all it took...things moved very quickly from that point

We only had Avery with us at the time but made arrangements to head back out with Owen and Ella after they got our of school. 

Ella and Owen had no idea what we were doing until Ella was face to face with 9 little poochies!
I will never forget the look on her face as the significance dawned on her. 

She has been begging for a dog for so long that I really don't think that she really believed it would ever happen.

The dogs are Lab/Flatcoat retriever mix and the one that Ella chose was a dark reddish coloured female.

She is one happy little girl...and she deserves this ...we all do.
Now I just hope it doesn't degenerate into a friggin nightmare ...woof 

BTW this is about all I had time for today in terms off exploring the new amp...but so far I really dig it...if I could just get the kids to leave me alone...Avery is telling me that she wants to name the dog


  1. Right on Gene! You better teeth and tail proof the house!

  2. The pup is adorable. The smile on Ella's face pretty much confirms it wasn't a mistake. You will never regret it and that dog will give you unconditional love for years to come.
    Remember..."Aspire to be half the person your dog thinks you are!" (you POS)


    "You don't always die from Tobacco...Sometimes they snip off your tongue!"