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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One of Those Days

I yap a lot about 'The Curse'..

And truly I now have my wife and children believing in it.

It is real...undeniable..and I am sure there will be entries in the future documenting other manifestations.

However...the sun shines on a dogs ass some days ..and today was one of those days.

I had missed the first push of fish this fall.

I was scheduled for my three year firearms recert and had to get that out of the way before I could have any fun.

I made a few moves at work in order to change my original scheduled date for re certification from Nov to early Oct.

Usually early October has us praying for rain while Nov is prime.

This year saw some heavy rain early on and the river was in great shape last week while I was playing cops and robbers in Ottawa.
(Re- above 'Curse' )

Morin got out and I was happy for him.

With Thanksgiving taking up most of the weekend I knew that the only day for me would be Tuesday.

Thanksgiving weekend was a really nice one full of food and family.

I don't travel well, and I missed my family something fierce while I was in Ottawa. I resent being away from them for anything.

It was a warm and fuzzy weekend but I have to admit that in the back of my mind I could picture a prime river full of fish falling out of what we consider optimum conditions.

I had made up my mind that I was going to fish Tuesday regardless, even if it meant only a beautiful walk through the woods alongside a river that had little to offer fishwise.

This fall has been a long time coming. The summer was busy and Sept was a write off as well with Union and Work obligations so today is the beginning of some 'ME time'.

What a great start!

The water was skinny but not unfishable and there was no sign of anyone else!!

Perfect day...full of fish..fresh air..and fall colours.

Every now and then it all comes together..and I needed it to.

I'll give thanks for that.
Thanks too for a world class river so close to home. Special thanks for a little roe tying helper!!...and thanks for a good friend..even though he had to work today ...and is a world class


  1. You are such a f*cking douche. Like somehow you own the xxxxxxxx River or the Gravelpit run. Takes one to know one I guess...

    Glad you tuned them. I knew you would!

  2. I thought I got written permission to fish that section of river wtf both you pos lol and by the way how's that roe Norland I made sure they saved you some

  3. More rain!!!!!...Off to a great start

  4. Nice work Gene. Great start indeed.

    Note: A douche can be a good thing for women and there are benefits for us guys for its usage. ;)

  5. That's afirm'....
    Home with a sick one today...hope she didn't catch a disease from the fish eggs!!!