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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gotta Go

And when you gotta go you gotta go..

The river has been GIANT!!

Normally in October we are bitching and moaning about how little water there is.

Not the case this year. The rains came early and kept coming.

Just when you think the river is dropping another cloudburst rolls in off the lake and up she goes again.

Its a blessing really...but it can be very frustrating.

I had a dynamite first trip and I have been dying to get another shot at the water I love so much.

With more rain in the forecast you pretty much have to get in while you can. Some seasons are like that and the windows of opportunity can be very narrow. If you wait for the ideal months can slip by.

I don't like to fish water that is too high. It makes crossing the river a real pain in the ass and actually dangerous at times.

...especially when you don't have the discipline to curb your enthusiasms...

When the bite is on who does???

Oh well...the river has a really good  top on it right now.


Hopefully the rain that has been forecast will skip us and I'll get a chance to hit the river this weekend.

Now , with a sincere apologies to my Muslim friends..time for some some smoked porc chops!!
Got the BBQ preheating and the beer a chillin!!


  1. Good stuff there bud!! Nice to see you out there today. She was in nice shape - are the fish big and strong this year or what??

    too bad another 30mm of precip is projected for tomorrow.... uugh!!!

    Should be some wicked fishing in November!

    ps glad you made it across, I had to you pegged to take a swim.... :0

  2. Right on Gene! A lot of folks seem to need to wait for that ideal condition. Nice fishies.

  3. Yeah Harv...good to see you as well. I didn;t like my chances when crossing...almost drowning can really spook a fella! LOL

    Gil...good luck on the weekend excursions and with the new job.We always say this but we'll have to get together for a fish.

  4. I hope I never get to a spot in my life where I take that place for granted. It is a gift in so many ways. A day back there with no fish would still be time well spent. You can't buy sh*t like that today. Thanks for putting up with me and thanks for forgetting all your sh*t at home you dumb POS! ;0)

  5. Agreed...
    I am your cross to bear!!
    ...and you are a douche