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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Well I just finished seven shifts in a straight time.

(That's 84 hrs this week...but who's counting?)

Very very sucky...but necessary.

Part of the Mickey Mouse commitment, as in it was the only way to get time off work for Disney World.


Do what cha gotta ...

It is minus 20 right now without the windchill and I am supremely sick of this shit.

I have two shifts off, today and tomorrow, then in for 3 then...oh boy ..then I am off for 7 back in for two then off for 15!!!!

Sooooo looking forward to it!!!!!

I was invited to sit in with some musicians tomorrow night down at a local pub...and I just might!
I went down and saw them play last Thursday and they were playing some music that was pretty cool to me these days.
I need...REALLY NEED to get off my ass and start doing these types of things. laid plans...

Little Avery was up in the night ...fever vomiting and today she is a mess...

Pretty hard for me to go out and enjoy myself knowing that this is going on at home....
 I guess its a we'll see

I made a quick little video today of me playing the Taylor Mini guitar that I bought the kids for Christmas .

I made a few adjustments to it this morning before I took Ruby for a walk.

I cannot get over how great this thing sounds.

Its got me thinking about an acoustic guitar for me.

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