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Thursday, January 23, 2014

In Concert

My daughter just gave me a big hug and jumped for joy...

...because I got us 5 tickets to a Robben Ford Concert!!

You know your kids are kinda hip when

I have always liked the way Robben Ford played and lately I have been really starting to dig the Blues.

I almost typed 'dig the blues again'...but to be honest I never really went through the almost obligatory blue phase that most guitar players go through.

I skipped it.

It's fresh for me now and I have had to go back to the drawing board with my playing in order to develop some blue-note chops.   It has been challenging, humbling , frustrating, but really really fun!!

I have been listening to Fords playing in the car non stop now for about 4 months and the kids...especially Ella really dig it.

She had happen to ask me one day, after watching one of the many YouTube videos of Robben, if we could go see him in concert one day.


Well after checking his tour dates for his latest album, it turns out that he is playing in Hamilton ON of all places.


Can't wait.


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