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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Morin Wins

My BBQ is toast.

I am one of the guys who buys a $300 BBQ and ends up replacing it every three years.

The high end stuff has been off my radar most my life until very recently.

Now I know about WEBER...the supreme excellence of WEBER...blah blah blah...

Morin has been singing the praises of this company and these BBQ's for as long as we've known each other and I get it... I really do...
Everybody I've ever talked to about the subject just raves about the WEBER's..."you'll never buy another...even a moron can make a great steak on one of those things..."...blah blah blah...

I am not a cheap skate...I can't be...

Cheap people have all kinds of money because they never spend it....
I am not that guy...

I am always I mean dried up fucking broke...

Every penny I earn, by selling my soul at my fucked up job, goes towards the kids/wife/family..I am usually left with almost nothing but peanuts in terms of 'mad' money..
I have created this situation and to be honest I am pretty cool with it even though it stings from time to time...

...and/but...I need a new BBQ.

Well you'd think that you could find a good deal on a BBQ in the fall...and there is the usual garbage that is being blown out..but these WEBER's are never on sale..

I went out to our local propane BBQ guy and the best he could do on a low end WEBER was between $600-$700...and even that deal he talked me out of assuring me that "I would be back for the $1100.00 one..."
If I bought an $1100.oo BBQ I am pretty sure that Kim would have me sleeping in the fucking thing at the curb...

I had $500.oo tops..and mad case of the wants for a WEBER.

So Kimi and I roll into Home Depot in Port Huron MI.....and there is my bitch!!!!


They have the very BBQ that local buddy is trying to sell me for $700 for $399.oo usd (and the exchange is dead even btw).. is being blown out because it is the last one, floor model, missing the ignition kit a few screws and is scratched and dented...but shit!!!
So I haggle with the guy and he politely lets me know that I can take it or leave it....

Well... I leave it....and halfway across the bridge home I am kicking myself.

I make up my mind that I am heading over the next morning and getting er spite of the damage..this is my chance!!!


So later that day I decide to stop at Home Depot Canada where they have the same BBQ on sale for just over $570.oo.
I contact the manager and tell her my story..AND SHE BEATS THE USA DEAL!!!!!
Brand New without flaw!!!!

So I have yet to try this Mfer but...Morins wins...and occasionally I do too.

Little side note:
These WEBER models have a number of components mfger offshore..that is the reason they are cheaper than the big dogs..
I am cool with this...just about everything I have now is offshore..Jap car..china guitar..why should this be any different?...christ even our guns at work are made in Italy..
The guy who held the sign up to me as I was driving home from northern Michigan the other day that read "Buy American" can go fuck himself...

Steaks tonight????

Lets Burn  


  1. Jesus Christ...sometimes you fucking exhaust me! Glad I didn't give up on ya this time. It was tempting and I was on the ropes...Christ!
    You will forget about the price tag in no time. Good shit comes with a price and when it feeds you heavenly goodness the cost can't be factored.
    I don't believe the Canada Home Depot beat that US price...good for them...good for you. This is a right of passage for you! Time to search out the deals. You are a POS!

  2. Yep..thx for not giving up on

    I used tonight for the first time. Very nice..fucker gets hot though wow!!
    Gotta keep an eye on the temps...
    I couldnt burn anything with my other POS. This thing is like a microwave. The burgers were done in like two minutes.
    I think once I get onto it it is going to be ultracool.
    Can't wait to get those cast iron coated grates for it.. ;o)
    ..go fuck yourself

  3. I bet they threw in a cast iron butt plug just for you! BTW they don't cast iron coat anything...those f'ers will be solid cast. You dumb c*nt!
    Grill fag...check out this link
    save some $$$ for butt sauve.


  5. Welcome to the club Norland. Webers are the BOMB. You two toolboxes need to get on facebook already. Christ.

  6. Nice grill Gene!!! You'll be using it through the winter.

  7. I am on facebook...albeit reluctantly...I have to be in order to wear my union super hero cape for work.
    Its fun getting a million friend requests from people I wish didn't exist...but fire one off and we'll connect.
    Good to see that you still live JB... if we ever get any rain over here we'll have to host you on the backyard river.
    Gil...thx... I really dig the BBQ...I tried to make love to it last night and nearly burned my nuts off.
    If it weren't for BBQ's I would starve. I cooked my cereal on it this morning for breakfast.

  8. Well that is one way to manscape.......... :0