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Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Feel Gross

Full blown head cold.

..and here I am with leave booked for today. Best laid plans and all that madness.

I worked yesterday. I had too. It was my Stat and I am unfortunately in the position where I can't turn up my nose at that kind of money ..even if the rivers have risen..

I was hoping that with Leave booked on the Thursday I would be able to snap up some riparian scraps so to speak but the river I wanted to fish had fallen below good.

I could've called in and switched my leave from personal to 'sick leave' and just stayed in bed but the river beckoned and I thought maybe the fresh air might actually help...and it really might have.

I did catch a few fish and that is really all I need.

It was a beautiful morning and it was also nice to be home earlier than normal. I think Avery and I will head over to the park in a bit.

I have a Union meeting tonight with our full membership. Being a member of the Executive means I should probably go but I may just stay home...Netfiix, Scotch and The Walking Dead. I kinda feel like a zombie myself.

Kim has her annual trip to Chicago this weekend and I will be home with the kids. I am hoping that I can shake this illness because I had been really looking forward to spending some time with just the kids and I.
I always try and plan something fun.

Twin Pines Apple Orchard is having a Christmas event this weekend and I hope that everybody is up for it.

That is always a fun place to visit and their cider is really great. I may have to pick up a few bottles.

I am about to turn the corner on some pretty busy scheduling and it could be it for fishing for a bit.

Glad I forced it today.


  1. Love the Tammaraks this time of year. That fishes colours are tits. Good for you for forcing it...POS! I love plastic.
    Run into any metrosexuals or Demons out there flailing cigarette butts?

  2. At least you got out and grabbed a piece of the action - I missed it altogether!! And I guess it was pretty stellar Tues/Wed.

    Oh well, I am off for 14 as of 6pm!!!! the SS Shitrat is ready to float!!

    Get feeling better dude - have a great weekend with the kids!

  3. Yah guys I am glad I did too although I am sucking wind big time now.
    Good luck with the Maiden voyage. I'll admit it sounds like a good idea but the older I get the less gear I want.
    I may at some point start leaving the fishing rod at home.
    What I really want is some more rain. Lets hope.

    I was all alone today. A few cars at the usual spots but in my mind it would not have been worth the least with the shape I am in currently.
    Garlic ,Vitamin C, Scotch and Netflix...that should fix er

  4. I hope you die or your Netflix f@cks up!

    Plastic, plastic, plastic, swing.

  5. Nice!!!
    LOL....Kim is outta here at t minus 05:00 hrs...I hope I feel better tomorrow than I did today or this could be a very long three days.
    I love the walking dead...addicted to that series.

    Now go fck yourself plastic man