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I am useless.
I am starting over..and here we go.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hmm Haaw...

Well it is Saturday..,

And this time of year has Saturdays full of Arena action.

Thank Christ Owen bowed out of Hockey but we still have the figure skating for Ella and Avery.

They really like it and I enjoy watching them even though I find the cement head arena crowd kind of depressing...
... there is a pose there that I can sense and it nauseates me.

The girls think its fun...what are going to do??.

I have been watching the graph.

It was on the drop but now has stalled. The radar shows slight streamers rolling in of Lake Huron.

There used to be a web cam up that way that I could use to my advantage as well but I can't find the link anymore.
I haven't tried very hard to be honest..

I want to fish...but weekends...ugh...ugh...

One of the main reasons I took my current job was to have time off during the week to fish. The crowds on the weekends not only make the fishing difficult...the risk is witnessing behavior that could render my trip to the woods 'worse than useless' ...can't have that.

The thing is...Tomorrow will be my last chance to get in there before the Deer Hunt...and I will not go in there during...nobody should..
I 've done it...but I should not have...

Not sure what the river will be like but I think I am going to drive up and do the old school thing where I actually get off my computer chair and

I was putting some new line on reel today and it occurred to me that my good old Islander might be one of the coolest purchases that I have ever made.
Something that I don't really think about too much because it just does what it is designed to do ...very well...and defies me to break it...

Tougher than whale shit...

It will be cold and probably a frustrating waste of time but I am going tomorrow....good chance I just turn around a drive home ...but I am going.


  1. It will NOT be a waste of time!!!! Good luck bro!

  2. Thx...
    If you are off you can join me but I don't have a ton of time. I will probably have to bug out by 11:30 or so..
    Hopefully after a couple of fish.

    Thx for the encouragement

  3. thanks, but I am working tomorrow - there were fish caught on the river today so tomorrow should be good for you ( although I know you prefer that 0.7 gin clear skinny shit ).

    I will be there on Monday/Tuesday though so save some for me!!!

  4. YES, I may be crazy but I have a couple days off and the river should be prime!! Orange touque, Orange vest and lots of noise - hopefully that will keep us from getting shot at!

  5. The river has dropped into shape nicely!

    Still havent decide which section I want to fish...Oh I go...god only knows what madness awaits