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Sunday, November 4, 2012

..To the Left


You do what cha gotta do I guess but I was actually nervous about today's trip to the river.

I need good days in order to fortify me for the everyday bullshit that I have to wade through...I need it...and fishing really helps a lot.
I think that I define fishing a little differently than the gang of nitwits that pull out their dinks at the tackle store...or the online fishing forums...or whatever the venue..

I want fresh air.. solitude and a fair shot at some fish...just some...doesn't have to be a lot and that doesn't seem like a lot to ask...unless it's a weekend and the water is prime...LIKE TODAY..ugh..

Ya see I fucking hate people...generally speaking.

However I am willing to acknowledge that the occasional 'decent' person that appears out of the wood work  almost makes up for the douchebags..

Two key words in VERY fucking occasional ..and almost...


First...get there early...I roll really early... I am fishing rod in hand at the waters edge waiting for the sun to come up enough to illuminate that red dot on the float.

Its amazing how little light it takes for that....I think they got the pink paint out of the Roswell crash..

.Martians are cool.

Second...draw deep from the well and stay away from the obvious...

Third.. take a deep breath and pray..

So instead of  trying to muscle my way into the great water I turned left...away from the hot spots and tried some water that I used to fish way back in the day..

Morin and I have named every run on that river...some are pretty funny and have some goofy stories attached to them..

I started my day at 'Genes Clay Bank' which is essentially the first turn.

This is a run that I was obsessed with for a long time..and it took a Morin esque kick in the snatch to get to me to snap out of it and move on...Hence the name.. more a labeling of a psychosis then me naming and claiming any particular section of that river..

It is a tough fish...pocket water right above nasty rapids and below some as well.
When you hook a decent fish it is an adventure because of the heavy flow and quite often you're forced to give chase along slippery fun fun..

After I wore out my welcome there I tried to locate 'Peach Bag Run'.

That was a challenge...there is no easy way in there and most of the telltale landmarks have been washed away...

But I found it...
It too is tough water to hold fish in...they just run and book...and these fish are TIGHT and just in.

Beautiful fish...just gorgeous!!

I found fish...lots of em...and found solitude...for the most part..

Couple of douchbags with not an ounce of etiquette tried to ruin my day. They followed me where ever I went it seemed...If only they could just stand on my shoulders... I am sure that is the secret...
It was weird...they'd chase me out of one spot then follow me on to the next..walking away from double digit water...useless cunts...but they sure looked the part...

By contrast I was approached by a new centre-pinner that  just politely asked me some questions about my success but then absolutely refused to fish the run I was in...even when I insisted...

He said  "No...that would be rude"...

Like I say..."Very Occasional"...but always a pleasant surprise.

I bumped into him on the hike out and the poor bastard was fishless...further proof that there is no god..

Great day...I got what I needed... the good Samaritan will have to find his own way...after I my brothers keeper?

Saw three foxes and two deer as well...good luck tomorrow Bambi.



  1. Awesome report! I knew you would find what you needed. Nice to hit the old water I bet! Good for you.
    One are the worlds absolute most shitty photographer ever! OMG! Did you ram the lense up your hoop prior to those shots? :0)
    No...I'm not kidding...your camera sucks balls.
    That water looks amazing. I'm happy for you.

  2. Gene, love this entry. There are d-bags all over. Some are even D-nozzles! I love that river. I was there yesterday and she was very nice to me as well. Hope you are rejuvenated from today.

  3. Brian ... I know.. that camera is a giant pos of shit...but considering I dropped in the water no less than three times..we are probably well suited for each other...half the photos were completely unusable..
    Besides it is almost impossible to take photos at the pB run...or land fish for that matter...
    Later fuckface

  4. Gil..we should've fished together...If you still have my email or facebook..get in touch with me.
    ..wasn't a bad as it couldve been but it was still pretty bad.
    Not sure when I will be out again but the river is dropping quickly.
    Good luck

  5. I still have the email....... I think. Again, my apologies on not checking in with my blog and not catching your message. I would have adjusted the day.

  6. gnorland at

    Still with Bell...don't know why..

    Things are busy in the coming weeks but there is always hope.