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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oh Ya..Now I remember...

Steelheading is a cold weather sport...

Well I was supposed to fish on Wednesday.

The water has been dropping very quickly and that might have made all the difference..

But, was alright ...and because I waited a day Brian and I got to fish together...which is always a hoot..
The conversation ranged from sexchange operations to people being shot with silencers...odd...

It is always fun to fish with Brian. He is not a fish hog or a yapper and he is used to me.

As in...he no longer would bat an eye if  I either punched somebody in the throat out there or had a nap in a snowbank...

The conditions were a bit tough today.

Iced guides early on...then clear water and sunshine...that coupled with the fact that we were fishing water that we were are still cutting our teeth on put us a little behind the eight ball so to speak is a small blessing that we even caught anything...

But we did.... did quite alright in fact...

Heavily slanted in Morins favour this time around.

Well...that is usually the case to be honest ..but I was a little distracted today. Didn't have my best game on.

And my 'A' game is like most peoples 'H' it was more like my 'L' game..or whatever...
Some days I just seem to lack that predatory edge that is needed to get er done..particularly with these type of conditions...

Pics were a little better today....I missed four strikes and landed one fish that was hideous...not one of my better days...but a good day none the less.

Nice quiet day and peaceful with almost no pressure.

The boys are back from their Deer hunt with a full bag of four Deer.

This is good news that I am sure I will benefit from. As it is I have some of last year chops de-thawing in the fridge for this weekend.
Gerry sounded like he had an awesome time and I am happy for him.

Now its time to shift gears and put on my music hat. I have a two day gig on Friday night and Saturday night.

Playing Jazz for people that would probably rather listen to Gangham style...sigh.

Hope it goes well.

Ella has been 'hounding' me for a dog that she wants us to adopt at the Humane Society. I am on board but it is proving to be a tough sell with the rest of the clan.
I am hoping we wear them down...
Here he is...

Some rain in the forecast but my schedule is not so good for the next little while...could be a tough go for the rest of the month.
Might take some desperate measures...but who is kiddin who... I'll get out.


  1. Nice work fellas. Looking forward to wetting a line with you again.

  2. Get that little pooch for your daughter! She will never foget it and that little fellow will change all of your lives for the better.
    Awesome day out there. Always great to share the river and some laughs.
    Perhaps today was a bit of penance for your success on the home waters last weekend. Law of balances or Jebus f'in with ya.

  3. Jesus sucks...Can't sleep...ugh

  4. Who's getting the change? :0

    Super fresh fish. I hear ya on missing takes. Sometimes they take so precise, we are at a total loss from the get go.

  5. I have long suspected that Morin has a vagina... a big smelly one...He may need a sex change just to make him back into a man..But nothing will ever change the fact that he is a giant POS...a giant POS now with more vacation time...BASTARD!!!

    As for the fishing... I am just a useless clumsy git...that occasionally kicks ass... occasionally...very occasionally...well...almost never...