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Friday, April 5, 2013


Well..we've had 'Ruby' three days tomorrow...and it is pretty awesome!!

Yes it has been trying...and filthy and stinky and expensive and all that the boo birds claimed it would be but it is without a doubt a huge dose of fun.

The good far outweighs the bad and I think it will just continue to get better.

This dog is as smart as a whip!

The house training is going really really well with only a minor setback that can, in all honesty, be blamed on me entirely.


Ruby already is responding to her name, sit, gentle, come, PEE!!!, and we even have the first stages of fetch going on nicely.

Ella is absolutely beside herself with joy although she is disappointed with the amount of sleep the puppy needs.


Poor Ruby...she hasn't really had time to pine...

The last couple nights were a little trying but to honest I thought they were going to be much much worse...

Tonight, because the kids don't have school tomorrow, we are just going to leave her in her crate all night and have her cry it out...

..we'll see how that goes...

Might be a sleepless night..

It is a lot like having a new born all over again...but instead of diapers the dog threatens to shit on your living room floor...( not yet so far  )

Tomorrow I turn 44....

012 from Gene Norland on Vimeo.

Where the fucking time has gone ..well I just don't know???

I don't feel old...but then again I never really felt young either?

I have been so busy with the Puppy madness and work I haven't really had time for anything else, however, I did make a couple of quick guitar recordings today...

Today when I was all alone I put the pedal down on the amp ...IT IS FRIGGIN LOUD!!!

 I felt a little silly blasting out some of the first year blues licks...but the amp took them well!!..after all that is what it was designed for.

The biggest surprise is what a sweet dark and sexy JAzz tone this thing has...

I was kind of hoping that it would turn me into a Blues monster overnight...but...well...we are who we are I suppose...and I am a Jazz playing dork..LOL

I watched the movie RAY the other night and it has me digging up all kinds of cool Ray Charles type of music..

Funny how that I spent a good portion of the day going over Jazzy influenced Gospel music..

Oh well..whatever fly's the Kite ..


My fishing friends will love the fact that the family has shorten the name 'Ruby' just "Rube"...go figure 


  1. You are a Jazz playing A$$ Rube!
    Dog looks very cute...I may steal her.
    Can't wait till she gets a mad case of the runs and scoots all over the rug. Whooo haa haaaaa
    Happy Birthday old man!

  2. Hey Happy B-day "kid". Nice pooch!!! Wait till she gets an appetite. My biddy finally found all his ear plugs.... outside in the yard during spring clean up of his pup. ;)

  3. True story...When the kids were young Cody used to have shit with diamonds, ruby's, tinsel, barbies...everything! He also had a bar of soap fetish. He would eat entire bars of soap in the whole. What an asshole of a dog. :0.