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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Whats going on...

Not too much really..

I have been working quite a bit and so has Kim which should help out on the money front.

 Worrying about money is a real fucking drag and I hate living like this.
 We are very fortunate but like most people of our generation we have chosen to push the envelope towards the extreme end of what we can afford in terms of lifestyle.

We live in a neighborhood where most family's have a combined income that overshadows our considerably so it has been a struggle.
 I never would've chosen this way of life for myself if it hadn't been for these anchors that I love so I recently stopped by a friend of mines.

 This guy is a guitar and amplifier guru and I needed him to make a repair to my amplifier which had gone on the fritz.

He lives in a part of town that is a little left of affluent.

 I went to the side door and walked up a long flight of stairs to a quaint little loft apartment. Very Spartan. Couch, TV ,maybe a table, lamp, and about 30 guitars and amps...nice.
My basement is about 4 times the size of the place. I looked around but for the life of me couldn't find a soul crushing mortgage payment anywhere.


 Now we live in a great neighborhood. The kids have great friends that are a positive influence.
The school they go to is top notch...bla bla bla...Hard to put a price on that sort of thing or the lasting effect it will have.

If someone put a gun to my head and forced the truth from me I don't believe I would've...or more to the point..could've done anything different....but... ... I looked around that apartment....sigh

 The days off that I have had have been spent with little Avery.

The Animal Farm down at Canatara Park is always a great place in the springtime.
 Most of the resident animals have given birth and the cute factor is sky high. I am not immune to this.
My friends can let fly with all the "You're a homo" comments they want...Vagina is still tops on my list.

Ave really likes the cows and every year they get a new pair. The made their first appearance this past week.

 Picnic , fishing..and a trip to the US to ride the carousel.


Good times...Actually everything has been wonderful lately

 ...I even had a nice little drug seizure at work the other day to blow the dust off my enforcement chops.

 I had hit a dry spell but seem to have found my feet again.

I still enjoy the job at times and still find satisfaction there after sifting through all the ever present horseshit.

The family finally made it down to visit Garnet & Jess.
 These are good people... a rare commodity these days that should never be taken for granted.

 We always part with the promise that we will not let so much time pass before our next get together...


 but this is life least at this stage...
  Trying never hurts.

 The Salmon Derby starts on Friday.
We have had a North blow here for the past 2 days and the Lake is a mess.
 It is also colder than a Witches tit...I am hoping for a change there.

Not as tough as I used to be.

It will be nice to get some spring salmon for the table...always a treat..

 Off for 14 days starting Friday...I am going to forget about work entirely.

 Fish ON!!


  1. That salmon derby sounds like fun. Big payout? Make sure you get some good pix!

  2. It is a ton of fun.
    Hook up that boat and get your ass down here!!!
    All the proceeds go towards our local hatchery and I am sure most the fish we put in hightail it to Lake Michigan shortly after they are stocked anyway.
    Last year most of our fish were taken right out in front of Lexington Harbour which is the Northern most boundary on the US side and a great place to visit regardless of the fishing.

    Literally launch the boat and you are fishing.

    Starts Apr 27 and runs 10 days.

    Good info here..

    My son is on the cover...very proud,1607,7-153-10365_10884_18317-44384--,00.html

    The pizza at Smackwaters is worth the trip alone brother!!!

    Email me if you want

  3. Man the dudes at the Animal Farm must cringe when you roll in.
    " Ah man that creepy dude is here again!"
    You should get a job there!
    Glad to hear all is well in your head. Well as well as it can be.
    Salmon derby starts Friday...Man that lake looked nasty coming over the bridge this afternoon...had to be 6-8 ft waves out there. As sad as I am for all you f*ckers I sincerely hope it all comes together for you. owe my dad a bunch of pickeral...Fresh Salmon may suffice for the interest payment ;0) He did save you from buying a new AC unit ;0)

  4. Yeah thats true about the pickeral debt. I will make that happen for sure.
    The lake does look like shit. First couple days might be a bust.

    We are probably going to fish out of Kettle Point this year and it should be easier to find some water clarity.

    You are welcome to join us dude but you'll have to buy a derby ticket.

    Again happy Bday cocksucker

  5. That's good living dude!!! Your kids are adorable - are you sure they are yours?

    Good luck in the Derby. I do miss that type of fishing - sure wish the Old Man would buy another boat LOL!!!

    This Spring sure was a piscatorial bust for me - have not fished since December - but hopefully I am saving all my good karma for monster brookies in the Park ;)

  6. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words.

    Ella had her first communion yesterday which was as per a little weird for me...but I had a lump in my throat the whole day.

    I wish things would slow down...

    If this wind keeps up...which it probably will as per the NORLAND curse..there won't be a derby.

    Brookies in the park sounds really cool.

    Spring Steelheading isn't right kind of gives me the creeps.