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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Welcome Home for Eastman T185

Yesterday my new guitar arrived.
I received notice from the parcel pickup place across the creek that it was in and I whipped over with Ella to pick it up...I just couldn't wait.

I was actually a little nervous about it.

Looking at guitars on the internet can be a dangerous thing.

Inevitably the wants kick in...

This is particularly bad for guitar gear and gear heads...It is a common thing that even has it's own modern term for those afflicted.


"gear acquisition syndrome"

LOL.. I am not immune but I have been around long enough to know that the great expectations you develop are seldom realized.

I pulled the guitar out of the box in the parcel pickup parking lot just to make sure everything was Kosher before I crossed the Border. It was packaged very well and when I opened the case I just about fell over.

This was the first time I have seen one of these guitars in person and the pics on the net don't do them justice at all is a really beautiful guitar.

The strings were loose..which is a good way to ship a guitar so I couldn't even strum it..but I had seen enough.

It was a busy day so it wasn't until the following day that I really had a chance to change the strings and give it a solid test drive.

Sometimes things in life just work out....

The guitar is perfect and I am thrilled. This was a good and right choice and it has exceeded my expectations!!

Yeah for me!!

All I need now is some down time to play it a bit...but that is coming.

The guitar sound is really pleasant.
 It has this cool 'woody knock' that can only come from a hollowbody but was lacking with my other guitar. It leans a little more towards my archtop soundwise but plays way better and I can push it a bit harder for bluesy things and ...dare I say it..rock stuff..

Very versatile guitar with plenty of just vibrates...and even though I am no cheapskate...the fact that  a Gibson guitar of the same type might cost $2000.oo more kind of appeals to me too...

This choice is a departure from the normal road but I am a little left of centre only makes sense that my guitar should be as well.



  1. Good for miserable POS!!! are on the left side of straight for the record. HOMO!

    Glad it all worked out for you. You made the right call. Once again...I'm happy for you.


  2. Thx my amplifier is broken so I can't even use it.
    Hows my life??