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Monday, April 30, 2012

4 Days In...

 Well ,

 Gerry and I have been fishing the Salmon Derby we usually do.

We are not great fisherman..

However...we do have our moments and we always have a good time. Gerry looks forward to the Derby all year and puts a significant amount of effort into organizing the event itself.

He usually starts talking about it fives minutes after Boxing

Well its here...and we are doing our best..but we are getting our asses kicked.

The weather has been shit and the lake for the first day was unfishable. We decided to keep the boat towards Sarnia and that turned out to be not so good.

The fishing at this end of the Lake was spotty at best and it took heroic measures just to get Owen into some action.
He is a super patient kid and enjoyed being out on the water with us but as it turned out the big fish have appeared to the North of us on the Canadian side towards Kettle Point.

Yesterday afternoon we hauled the boat up to 'KP' and moored it for the morning...being today...

I was keen...and still am really despite the fact the weather turned onus once again and we only managed to go 2 for 4 with a couple of 4 pounders

...and a wicked case of frostbite and sea-legs...

Well tomorrow is another day...there were some big fish taken today although not as many as yesterday or the previous..but most the action came on Dipseys...

My Brother in Law hates running dipseys...but I don't care if he is on the boat tomorrow ..they are going down...
The may be the only fucking things I run...fuck him...

The biggest fish so far is a hair under 23lbs and quite a few fish in the mid to high teens being caught.

So far only the in-line boards have been working for us and the AC Shiners are the hot lure again this year.

The sleep deprivation is full blown and my hands are hamburger.....I can barely play campfire chords on the guitar currently and by the time the week is done I think that even Kumbaya will be out of the question...

Very tired and the warm fuzzy is starting hit me so I will wrap this report up.

In 20 mins I pick up the kids from school ...from there we will have to go to Petsmart to pick up a new pump/filter for my aquarium.
The old one died last night.... I think that is ironic.....I am exhausted from fishing but can't rest because I have to hurry out and buy a new pump before my fish die????

...Maybe I should cut out the middle man and fry my Pictus Catfish up in some rocky Madsen fish crisp...

Spring Salmon on the BBQ is the shit though........



  1. Are those Coho's or did you just rub the scales off of those bad boys with your pathetic nadd-sack? Again...

  2. Some Guys say they are Coho's... I think they are just Juvenile Kings.
    We don't stock Cohos and I have a very hard time believing that they successfully reproduce in any kind presentable numbers.
    A lot of the turdknockers out there call any fish under 5 lbs a Coho...
    As if Kings are born 15-25 lbs...very tiresome...bottom line is who really gives a shit.
    They are great on the table.
    Are part of me feels that the hatchery is nothing short of environmental terrorism...but it is easy to forget that these fish have no business being here when that line starts singing off the reel or when your son is posing for a picture with a big smile.
    Boy ..I better get to bed...I am suckin wind bigtime...hopefully I will have some better pics tomorrow.

  3. Nice work none the less Gene.They look like little ho's but you are right, who cares. They are great smoked, grilled and even fish crisped. Yum!

  4. Hmmmmm...
    I just remember the coho's of my early stringer years droppin scales like you drop your drawers for men at your gay bar. Pathetic and often.
    But perhaps juvi-kings do that as well.
    Good luck tomorrow! I want to see some big #'s old man!!

  5. Could be... I am no specialist.
    Picked up a good King today...Owen is leading the kids category..I will try and get a BLOG post up today ..but I am sucking wind