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Monday, July 9, 2012

Environmental Terror...

Today Avery and I went back looking for snakes!!

 LOL This is weird...but it is what we do..and we have a lot of fun doing it.

 I believe today that we captured a very rare Butler Garter Snake, and a wee one at that.

 This snake can't be any more than about a week old judging by the size of it. Really cool looking snake and the girls are fascinated by it.

 Owen ...not so much ...if he had to fight it on his DS in techno land then maybe...but nothing in the real world .. 'Stripey' is spending the night and we'll release him tomorrow.

 Cool snake.


  1. I used to love snakes when I was the girl's age. Right up until I grabbed a 3' garter snake by the head and tail. He squirmed, his head popped free, yet I held onto his tail. Before I knew what happened it wrapped around and bit me! Hard! Even drew quite a bit of blood.

    No more snakes for me. LOL.

  2. I have a cool snake! A very cool huge snake!
    You are a POS reptillian assaulter!

  3. Yeah...Garter snakes are usually pretty docile but this little brown snake is a nasty little prick...
    I kind of dig it for that reason!!
    Full of hate!!!

    Morin you have a cheesy vagina..and you are a pos

  4. Western garter snakes will also slime you...but they're still cool.

    Nothing better than daughters who love the outdoors.

    Good for you Gene. Please don't comment on my vagina.

  5. LOL..
    TBS...Good to hear from you and I still check in from time to time to follow your crazy adventure of a life.
    I had Garter snakes as a kid and actually had one give birth while in captivity. It was fascinating and had a real impact on me as a child and I am trying to pass that appreciation on to my kids.
    It seems to be working...particularly with the girls.
    This is a good thing.
    I wasnt as familiar with 'Brown Snakes'.
    People around here refer to them as Milk snakes...which they obviously are not.
    I found a lot of reference to them on the net ..
    "completely harmless but may emit a musky foul odour from the anal gland if agitated or threatened"..
    Now that is something I can relate to.
    As for commenting on your vagina??... I cant promise you anything..
    I can say this...if I had a vagina I would never leave the house.
    Later brother...good luck saving the world ..try not to get eaten by a mountain lion or anything.