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I am useless.
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Infant Eyes

Wayne Shorter is a Genius.

..not in the way that Michael Jackson was a genius....because Michael Jackson was not a genius...he was a 'alleged' pederast' piece of shit..fuck him..

People throw around the word genius like they are describing the sky being blue...

In 200 years ...if we don't annihilate the human race through greed and head up our ass stewardship of this planet...big 'if'...people will still be referencing people like Wayne Shorter when they study music as an art form and Michael Jackson will be remembered as a cautionary tale for his scandal and freakish nature ...if at all..
The fact that we reward these types of circus acts with immeasurable wealth speaks volumes about the moral  and intellectual state of our society.

Moving on...

I am in the trenches right now for the family...and I am proud to do it...its my role...but I am tired..

When I get like this I look for inspiration and I find it more often than not in art...particularly music.

I love music...and I love the study of music.

The piece of music...or 'song' ...Infant Eyes is one that haunts me.
Every now and then you run across something in life that is so perfect it almost is hard to register .

This tune does it for me... it gets in my head and I cant get it out...not in the way a snappy 'Coke' commercial does but more like a beautiful memory you cling to when the going gets tough.

I am posting the original version and Sylvain Lucs interpretation


  1. Nice...
    I have stones...very potent a result I have to work all this OT to feed these rotten kids!!!
    Looking forward to the time off more shift and one more U/M meeting!!!
    Needs me some of that Morel/Swiss/Venison Sausage as well...
    But pls keep me away from the tequila.