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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

When fishing really sucks

Fishing the pickeral drift makes me wish for death.

We went out yesterday morning...

The wind was up which fucked up the 'drift'. Most the little tin boats can compensate by "back-trolling" but Gerrys boat is way too big for that possibility.
Its high profile acts like a kite and in order to maintain contact with the bottom we have to use pencil lead the size of downriggin canon balls...

 This is not finesse fishing and is about as enjoyable to me as a kick in the jewels.
But we hammered is not hard fishing...

...and the end result was once again 'A thing of Beauty...'.. 'is a joy forever'

...but four in the morning comes very early.

I would like to have a slave that I could send out to catch my fish for me...maybe a work release program with the local prison.

DSCF0761 from Gene Norland on Vimeo.

Just a thought.

Working a ton this week but a little vacation is looming and it is my light at the end of this very dark and irritating tunnel.

Work has been a freak show lately...there truly are some fucked up people out there.

This weekend should be a gong show.

God help me


  1. Fish looks amazing. You should bag up a bunch for our weekend escape. Looking forward to the trip and gettin out with JB and finally putting my first ever summer chrome king to the net. God I hope the weather cooperates and we have an awesome day out there with Mr Ricks. The makings are epic...

  2. I could bring some fish.. but it would be a direct violation of international law...and I just can t have that!!!
    I will bring the fish crisp in case we actually catch some fish as opposed to just sinking or being boarded by pirates.
    ...beware of the Norland curse...I'll be shocked if we make it across the friggin state without being carjacked or having a meteor crash down on us ...

    JB...lemon pepper walleye is one of the few things that makes me believe there might be a god....

  3. No doubt man. Tough to beat some fresh walleye fillets. You should try my parm crusted walleye. Fantastic. The recipe is on my page. Just hit the "recipe" tag on the left and it should pull up.

  4. Salty old cheese and fish???
    I am in!!
    I'll check it out for sure