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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

JB vs 'The Norland Curse'

JB '1'...Norland Curse '0'  !!!!

There are times when I believe that Michigan hates least the fishery.

It stings a bit because the feeling is not mutual. I love it over there.

This weekend I got a chance to hang out at Brians cabin and even more important we both got a chance to get out with JB to experience some of the Lake Michigan world class salmonid fishing that corner of the world is famous for.

After seeing some of the videos he had been posting on his BLOG I was pretty fired up.

The morning didnt disappoint.

We hit the water at about 5:30...all three of us hungover... and beat them up for  a couple of hours.

The bite was crazy hot right off the bat then died off considerably which prompted the decision to 'pull em' and grab some breakfast.

The breakfast call was unanimous. No sense beating a dead horse...or in this case a tired one.. just to scare up a few more fish. We had more fish then any sane fisherman needs with two big Steelhead released as well and an entire day ahead of us.
As a perfect end to a perfect morning there was even a guy willing clean our fish for us at the dock.
He charged 2 dollars a fish...which is a 'No Brainer'..and as it turns out.. this guy is a fish cleaning genius...perfect everytime..
Here is a video of him cleaning a salmon in right around 20 seconds???!!!...My time is worth more than that..geesh what a gift
Dig this!!

DSCF0807 from Gene Norland on Vimeo.

DSCF0809 from Gene Norland on Vimeo.
I really enjoy downrigging or more specifically trolling for bigwater salmon and to get a chance to do that with JB was a real treat.
New water ...with a guy who obviously really has his shit together out there...very cool...that goes in the books as a solid.

The rest of the weekend was spent in the Hyde lazily drifting the Manistee for 'Smallies'.

Well the Smallie bite sucked especially when compared to what I am used to on the Maitland but as usual fishing that river is a great way to spend the day fish or no fish.
In reality I spent most of my time dreaming of the fall, picturing the deep bends holding the promise of the mighty Steelhead that roll in there when the weather becomes tolerable....the very fish that hate my

We did pick up some Largemouth bass and a few panfsh as well.

Good fun on the flyrod...especially the topwater stuff.

I miss the summer pondfishing.
 I should make an effort to try and make that opportunity happen again but the fact is that in the summer I rarely have time for anything like that.

As it stands late July and early Aug is shaping up to be a nasty work induced marathon and I hope I am up for it.
For that reason this little trip was a perfect break to steel me for the next four weeks of hell ..bring it..

2 more months and I can start tying roe....



  1. Good Times, Good Drinks, and Good Eats!
    Awesome getaway!
    What an awesome fishery!

  2. Excellent work gentlemen!!!! That fish cleaner is insanely talented. I wonder how fast he can do a "Columbian Necktie". :o ......... Rolling Rock is a great beer.

  3. Shortly after the video ended I had the fish cleaning savant touch up my foreskin...its breathtaking now!!!

  4. That takes " manscaping" to a whole new level!

  5. Stings a bit now...but didnt feel a thing at the time.
    Me gots the perfect darth vader helmet now!!!

    May the force be with you.

  6. Great post man. What a riot that day was. It's fun to relive it through your pictures. Can't wait to do it again!

  7. That was a real treat. Very cool of you to take us out on the water.
    Definitely owe you one.
    Actually learned quite a bit as well. Gerry and I will be running Copper next spring for sure.

  8. Good to hear! It's always a benefit to check out another boat's setup to pick up some new tricks. Keep me in the loop about the fall chromer run. I'm interested in exploring some new waters over your way!

  9. Absolutely..done done and done.
    Our rivers is a gem...but it is totally dependent on rainfall. We'll watch the weather when November rolls around and make that happen for sure.
    Keep in touch