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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


...well I couldn't even scare up a fish today.

That's the bad news...

The good news is we survived the Hurricane!!


Terrible storm however...the worst I can remember.
Damage all around us but our place stayed relatively unscathed.

Trees uprooted all over the city and just about everybody's fence is destroyed..but ours.


Apparently Sarnia got hit the worst out of any part of Ontario. They sent some poor schmuck of a  TV reporter journalist to do some Gonzo piece down under the bridges..the winds were ripping through about 125 km per hour at the time....
..And I though my job sucked!!

We bit of water in the basement but we've hurt worse and considering some poor Hydro electric repairman lost his life today trying to make a repair here in Brights Grove I would say we were very lucky.

Poor bastard..

What a gig these type of people have...heading out into the worst possible conditions to try and set shit right.

Damn..really tragic.

I did fish today...rolled the dice and they came up snake eyes.

I'd been watching the graph and the little river was rising albeit slowly...thought maybe just maybe...but it was a fools hope and the river was fucked...

Better days ahead but I would like to get in there again before the deer hunt next week.

Not too cool walking around in there with the inbred heavy ordnance..

Good chance that I die in there someday...and I really like the idea of that to be honest...but not to cool  to die with a shot gun blast from Billy Bob.

A heart attack will do just nicely thank you very much.

Wasn't a wasted day. Did a little Recon action and a nice walk through the woods is always cool.

The tribs looked fishable but the big water is a couple days away at least.

Back in tomorrow then off for for two then off for seven   ...

Happy Halloween..the kids had fun despite the crumby weather..


  1. Glad we got the rain that we did. I kinda wished it was more and blew the k-rap out of those systems but that will come...
    Good on you for going. That bush is a very special place. Nice beaver pic. I always kinda figured you had one.

  2. The river spiked again...looks like tomorrow is out...
    Oh well...geez I am starting to think it was a good thing we got our licks in when we did..

    Big fan of furry Beaver...big fan