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Friday, December 14, 2012

A Time Out From The Madness

My workplace is a war zone...and well it should be.

I am a fighter...but it takes its toll on ya and this past week just about put me in the loony bin.

It was worth it... I got through it...and today Morin and I went fishing.

Yahoo...good for the soul and all that.

I missed the real good stuff last week unfortunately but this year I really mismanaged my leave situation. One of these years I am going to save every scrap of it and take the entire fall off.

One of these days...

It looks like I may only have a couple of cracks at the river now before the season ends. I am trying to savour the trips and today was no exception although the fishing was tougher than expected.

I started the day fishing the Cedar run and the first drift right at daybreak brought a beautiful winter dressed Buck to hand that really made the entire day.
It fought like stink and had a gigantic rudder of a tail it made good use of.

Then it got weird.

I caught another fish that was hideous....lost a beautiful huge steelhead at my feet...then capped the day off with a picture perfect dime...

A good day....

We covered a lot of ground and probably wasted some time and energy rolling the dice.

This type of maneuver usually pays off for us but today it was just empty kms through the bush.

The fresh air was great for the stress levels and I feel very relaxed tonight.

DSCF1292 from Gene Norland on Vimeo.

A far cry from earlier this week.  


  1. Gene, I will never tire from pics of fresh beautiful chrome but your first capture is incredible! Love it! Difficult for many to understand but those kms through the bush can be quite exhilerating and great for the soul ( as you say)

    1. Thx GIL...I have one of those supposedly indestructible fuji cameras and it can be fun with the underwater stuff but to be honest I can't recommend it. It is a POS and I miss my old canon. Most the pics I take are a right off and if I get two or three are decent I am very fortunate. Morin and I are going to tie it under the float and drift it through the deep stuff on lockjaw days like yesterday just to "see" if the are
      But before I do that I need to find a replacement.

  2. Great Day...Terrible Hike out! I'm still feeling it.
    Tomorrow is a write off but just as well. I need some forced R and R.
    Not sure if this weather is going to play out as previously forecast. She will be a tough go to the end without any major bumps.
    I love that first pic.
    I don't need no snowtires either!

    1. Yah I am hurting too...Big time...Yeah well...maybe thursday will be my Sauble trip...or maybe I will just stay home and play guitar.
      Hopefully we'll dial something in for Mich in the new year.

  3. A couple things.

    #1 That top pic is outstanding.

    #2 Who is the Simms poster boy with the gray beard? Do you think he could get me on the prostaff too?