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Sunday, December 30, 2012


So a funny thing happened a little while back.

As part of my midlife crisis that settled on me right around two to three years ago I made a real conscious effort to get back into my music.

I picked up the guitar with a renewed enthusiasm and started to push myself again with the study of music.

I am not a brilliant player..but I don't suck either.

That is probably the best way to describe my playing or

I am getting better and it has been a great while since I have been able to say that.
I love jazz..or more to the point ..improvised music...and yes Morin I know that makes me gay.

Music is a language...THE language really.

The difference between performance based music 'non improvised' and improvised music can be summed quite easily with the following analogy.

A great performance is like someone reciting a speech. They don't need to understand the speech, or even the words, to be successful with the recital. It helps if they have a nice sounding voice.

Improvised music is like a conversation, with subject matter, preferably by a knowledgeable person that can speak with eloquence.
This approach to the art requires a greater deeper understanding of the instrument and the music itself.

I have always been drawn to the latter. I say...I have been pushing myself  over the past few years. Its been cool...but along with the renewed energy with the study of 'music' I have also found a renewed interest in just 'The Guitar'....

..which ...oddly enough can be quite a separate thing.

I have friends who have spent their whole lives around the guitar but literally have NO musical knowledge.

That is the nature of this funny little instrument. It used to kind of offend me. This sort of ignorance I felt undermined the legitimacy of what can be a very beautiful musical instrument.
Well...I am pooping a little better now and really don't give a shit about all that sort of thing...

Life is too short and the guitar is fun...I would like to have along with the theory and study of some of the heavy music that makes my head spin I have also been going down a road of interest with just FUN guitar stuff.

This video is a great example of some of the people out there that are on the same road.

Jim is a cool guy and I would love to buy him a beer.


  1. "I have always been drawn to the latter."
    if by latter do you mean "the cock" because i believe you have always been drawn to the cock! Yep...I'm certain you meant the cock!