Step two...

The next phase of online self indulgence.
I made the mistake of monkeying around with my original BLOG located here and ruining it.
I am useless.
I am starting over..and here we go.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Busy Busy Busy...

Too busy to breath let alone fish.

However there was one morning I am reluctant to include as an entry in  my little online jackwagon journal..

Morin and I snuck out...hmm .. I am not even sure what day it was come to think of it?? and I am too lazy to check or even get it clear in my head..

We didn't do very

The waters are all too low for my comfort level although I see that others have been having some success ...

There are some beautiful pics on Tony Nardi BLOG...this was the inspiration for our last trip..only to be fed some Steelhead humble pie...I fished for five solid hours...beautiful water...only to have one solid pull on a Jig ..( A Norland Jig )..which I missed...

Sigh....It happens... I was due..but Geez...

You take what the river gives you... what the hell else are you going to do really?

I've never actually met Tony but we are now friends on Facebook ( fire away Morin !! ) and I have included his BLOG link as a quick reference here...So I can keep an eye on him!!!

My wife is very concerned that I feel comfortable adding a friend on FB that I have never met. Oddly enough I don't...what I think is odd is feeling compelled to add people as "friends" that I never think about or might even dislike.
Accepting a fellow fisherman, that seems to share the same passion for an activity that we all hold in such high esteem, as a friend is a no brainer and may just amount to a push back against the previously mentioned hypocrisy poser bullshit.

His BLOG is awesome..although the last post was bitter sweet to read about on some level if I choose to be honest with myself..   :o/

Some turdknocking bait guys outfished by some feather flingers..say it aint so!!!

To be honest... I have seen this act before and have been conditioned by the 'sport' to the point where I don't even scratch my head about it any more.

Good on you guys....but withdrawal is starting to set in...

I have some family issues to put behind me and my schedule is grim...the forecast sucks as well...things don't look too promising but hope springs eternal even from my dark soul...

On another note I am already projecting ahead to the spring.

It has become a bit of a tradition for me to set aside my tax return money for a little daddy treat. Kind of like a dangling carrot to help me get through the winter.

Last year it was a guitar.

This year it is an amplifier upgrade and I have narrowed it down to two choices.

Handwired all tube mojo sexy goodness....

Anyway... I feel the domestic pull and I better engage here before Kimi drags me out of the mancave by the


  1. was there on Thur and found the same conditions so i took up some casting for 2 hours then went home to be domesticated too lol

  2. Yeah... I don't mind forcing it once in a while but this season is starting to bring me down..

  3. Facebook? You should all be ashamed...Wall writin homo's!

  4. Morin 'Likes' my nuts on facebook...pos turdknocking git..