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Thursday, December 6, 2012


Well the river is up...WAY up...

I had been going bonkers lately with the less than ideal fishing conditions and we've all been praying for rain.

We got it....but just like this sport can be sometimes...the timing was all wrong.

Morin and I wanted to fish yesterday and I even went ahead and cancelled some things that I probably should not have cancelled in order to do so....
 The graph was iffy  when I went to bed and it was going to be a gametime decision and at 'game time' we pulled the plug.

Water was too high and dirty still. It can never just rain anymore has to be a deluge...god hates me..

I went back to bed and Morin went into work.

I am sure it stung him more than me on this occasion because I knew that I had tomorrow...meaning today...He couldn't join me...fuck

Today...surely another 24 hrs would that have river dropping into shape??

Still high  :o/

...but the colour is getting there. 

I know that I should love the river when the water is roaring...The BIG river..."why do you fish that little creek"..
Big fish...big

It was too high for me today still but I forced it. I had too.

Tomorrow has me at work scheduled for something that I can't miss.

I like when the fish are active and I know that an increase in flow turns them on...but what I don't like is not being able to zig zag across the river to get to the spots I like to fish.

Many of the runs I was hoping to see today didn't get visited because I just couldn't get across...AND I HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO CROSS SOME PRETTY CRAZY WATER!!!


The water that was available did have fish and I think that the high water mixed with the second deer hunt kept people away because I only saw one other angler all morning..

Anyway ...short day got in and got out the fix I needed and unfortunately/ fortunately I made the decision to keep a fish today.

Gut hooked and bleeding badly. I felt like a POS doing it but I do enjoy these fish on the table.
I haven't kept a fish from the fabled flow for a very very very long time.
Truth be the guilt started to fade I started to get a bit excited for dinner.

Teriyaki marinade then on to the grill..


Still fightin this cold ....I hope it isn't going to be one of those winters...ugh.

Work sucks...still no contract and tempers are flaring...

I want to go live in the woods.


  1. Good on ya! I was going to go today but rearranged things to free up tomorrow instead - going to slay 'em!!!!!

  2. Tomorrow will be ideal...I hate you..

    Don't forget the blaze orange.The guys who haven't got one yet will getting all 'Moonlight in Escanaba'

    Buckshot can really mess up a drift.

  3. Hey...
    I'm glad you forced it! I knew it would fish. Wish I could have been there with you but hey... previous know! Today was that payment day for know...the one where you can't do a friggin thing right and when you do hook up you blow it...twice... etc. etc. etc. It was dam cold over here. A real damp cold...the one that goes right to the bone. I'll hit her up next week.

  4. Don't know if you got my text but I didn't stay long... I still feel like shit.
    Nice morning in there but it was hell gettin around....water right into the grass and deep enough that you can't see where you are putting your foot down. Just about broke my neck a couple of times.
    Fish were right where they were supposed to be...couldn't hook anyting on a jig though...the guy that makes them for me is a
    Have fun over there...I am fucked for the next week or so.

  5. Very nice Gene. If only the flow would stay more consistent. I was on another trib and dropbacked. Think I was well above you. Water was great as was the fishing.