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Saturday, March 22, 2014

New Beer..Sus Chords..March Madness and Youtube

Once again I will comment on the wonders of Youtube.

I spend a ton of time on youtube.

Before work yesterday I was bouncing around looking at some guitar nerd stuff and ran across a Sean Bray lesson on Sus Chords.
I listened to it and it kind of inspired me to record a little improvised sus chord vamp of my own.

I remember way back being baffled by sus chords and how to apply them musically and could never figure out how to improvise over them.
I wish I'd had Youtube then. There really is no excuse for not knowing anymore and I am genuinely impressed with just how giving everybody is with their knowledge of the instrument.

Here is Seans little seminar...

Discovered a new Beer.

Another home run from Mill Street.

This is their Vanilla Porter.

Kind of a smoother Guiness with just a touch of Vanilla.
Awesome Winter Beer....and it looks like Winter is here forever....

The NCAA tourney is on right now and I have managed against all odds to watch a few games on the tele..
Unfortunately they have all been blowouts.

Watching State play was like watching a friend beat up on a crippled midget.

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