Step two...

The next phase of online self indulgence.
I made the mistake of monkeying around with my original BLOG located here and ruining it.
I am useless.
I am starting over..and here we go.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

This Weekends Attempt

Time Project # 3 from Gene Norland on Vimeo.

I just picked something simple and tried to lay back.

 The key to this I think is to just relax and listen

....which is advice that can really translate to success with so many other things in life now that I think about it.

 It feels good to focus and actually work on something specific.

 Its forcing me to listen to what I am doing and to what is happening around me.

 All good things.

Loving my gear right now! The little camera I am using t document this shit doesn't really do the sound justice.
I hope I will improve as a player because my equipment deserves that.


  1. Nice Gene. Nice little listen on a bright sunny morning with my big mug of java..........and the deceiving bitter cold temperature outside.

  2. Thx Gil...this winter has been hard on everybody and I have had no interest in fishing at all.
    Hope all is well